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  • yeah it is i will tell u who i got lets play as ike first then lucario if there is a third round then its random i will be waiting 4 u
    Heh yeah,thanks & no problem!
    We could have a rematch sometimes.if you would like.Just let know,I know I can play better then I did back there,lol!
    I'll check the sd card in that camera to see if I have any others still on it.

    gl against bunnyma in thunder's tourney. His snake is super campy mean lol
    ok ricky I gonna wait for u after school so prepare yourself you get to pick first I will be lucario just tell me who u gonna be and then we will fight
    yeah, My favorite characters are low tier :),your Ike is awesome,I always got the smash attacks XD.
    Y yo tambien hablo espaniol :), soy de Mexico :),que tal si mejor nos hablamos en espaniol, me es mas comodo XD,no se mucho ingles XD
    I'm guessing you're the Ricky that I joined with you & Andy with,Nice Snake & Ike.I'm really rusty today,but good games!:)
    haha yeah that spike shouldn't have worked xP but it did. Yeah the guys name is CalebSitton.
    that's what she said.

    and i can send you a mini-game level if you can play with someone where you live. i would have to give you the rules too
    duh. i sucked at melee because wasn't old enough to understand the major concepts and i didn't have enough time cuz my mom could control how much i played. so now i play brawl
    How about

    PK.Saturn: 5 stock
    EK: 5 Stock
    You: 6 stock
    Me: 4 Stock

    Someone else'll have to decide order though, i wont be of much help with that
    In his defense, I should say I tell him to do the wrong move 60% of the time anyway... apparently lolimars bair isn't cool. :<

    you wanna play some later?
    I technically didn't tell him that I signed us up for it, so idk if he even knew we were going to be doing it. I dropped out because I didn't really want to do it anymore... when we play on a team I just yell at him for doing the wrong move lol
    nope, that was just some guy that was on Oni's friend list. i guess he met him through someone else
    He's not bad. I probably could've beaten him but I was screwing up bad... Well, not so much on the first match, but the second one definitely. He was D3 the first one and I kept getting Cg'd and missing ko opportunities.
    I don't think he minds. Also, as far as line up goes I should probably be in the back till I can play halfway decently again lol.
    I have no idea how we should do the stock thing. Flip a coin to see where we put everyone or something? lol I think out of us four you're probably the best so maybe you should get 6 stocks.
    Sam was my friend's sis. It was him playing until it switched to the name Sam.
    Woody, was some random guy that I played with through someone else that I added.
    hey r u that ricky guy that I played its me cola. add me if dats u we can play
    1vs1 later had to eat dinner
    nope that was just a tourette's shout-out. But really though, it seemed like that one guy ganged up on me and it was annoying. so marth b-move is heard after he dies from the top? haha i didn't know that
    I thought it worked we would pick who from each crew fights someone else? I dunno if we're supposed to have a leader and they decide.
    I REALLY need to train because I've been playing poorly this whole month. I also don't want to be the one to fight Alphican. lol.

    And how do you think we should do our lineup? Best players first or last?
    **** **** ********
    I just found out I'm going to look at a prospective college this Thursday, and won't make it back till sometime Saturday. The tournament falls literally on the day I'll be back and it'd be impossible for me to make it back in time. Sorry man we'll have to try a different tourney.
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