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Ray Robo
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  • We will just have to Stage strike and ban here and Cp in tags....
    Will you be ready in a hour or so?
    Oh, Gaming Etc. is about 90 mins away from me, it's a hike ^^D Simsbury is only 40 mins away, which is nice. Plus I like the public library atmosphere a lot more than the gaming center one... it's all Smash. No other stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh goin on.
    though there are people coming to Gaming Etc. from Massachusetts so I guess I don't have it the worst XD
    yeah if they tried to DI towards the ledge it's be an easy spike. and most people recover intelligently (so this doesn't happen) but sometimes a lucky PK Fire shot will hit em right before the ledge, and with them trapped, just a simple SH dair and they're done ;D
    btw are you attending the tourney in Simsbury at the end of the month?
    yeah I just kinda made it up. I never see anyone go PK Fire > Dair (which surprises me) and I was trying out moves to do after dair and I guess utilt works XD though utilt doesn't work at higher % iirc.
    Hey, those were some good matches yesterday. I just couldn't handle your Falco. The Ganon dittos were good, too.
    Yeah, lol. We have some epic battles when it comes to my Link vs. his Link. Link was originally his character but I ended up maining him for awhile in the N64 Smash. He eventually told me that Link was his. I backed off, but to this day I still insist that my Link is better than his. That's not true. :chuckle: If I make that statement we usually Brawl over it. He wins.

    And that why we don't share characters, lol.
    Back when I joined I thought that I'd be a Lucario mainer forever.
    My brother and I both love Smash. He actually introduced it to me when it was on the N64. My original main was Samus. Anyway, we each, "own," characters. I can't use his characters and he can't use mine, so my selection is limited, lol.
    Sort of. I rarely play as Lucario, actually. I think I might start up again.
    I've been playing as Toon Link recently.
    Nah, I already had my vacation this Summer. It was pretty cool.
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks a lot ^__^! You're a good player too! I hope to Brawl you again too ^__^. Although, I think I'm in the same tournament as you. You're in Dinah's tournament as well, right? I'm also in Vibe's: Which Character Will Dominate?" tournament. So, I'm sure we'll Brawl again sometime.

    Now I have to find out who pranked me...
    Hey, GGs today ^__^! I was Pro, remember? I wasn't mad or anything, though. The fact that I spiked your Samus was complete luck :laugh:. Anyways, GGs ^__^! Hope we can Brawl agains sometime ^__^.
    ouch, biscuit 1st match. x.x
    good s*** ****** that bye though. matt sandbagged his bye. >__>
    That's the thing, you don't! :urg:

    All Meta gay has to do is tornado and shuttle loop to go through any of :gw: moves.

    For other characters, it depends. An attack that can inflict teen damage (12% or greater) can stop tornado on startup (e.g. DK ftilt). Otherwise, Attack over the tornado with a projectile.

    Hope that helps.
    In my defense, I wasn't using my mains Mr. 12-year-old (un)

    JK, no johns from me. Next time, you're dog food :lucario:

    Oh and my Cario did pretty poorly in that friendly imo. He's better than that I assure you ;)
    There's no real excuse for playing the way I did other than me just not knowing what else to do. Really sorry for that, Ray. Didn't show you much respect in those games. Next time I'll use my mains and fight like only I can (y)
    Do you place at offline tournaments?
    I'd love to go to some, but they're infrequent here, and I'm often busy on weekends. The hour+ drive each way isn't fun, either.

    Who do you main? Your Falco, Lucas, and Captain Falcon seemed the best.
    You're very good, especially for your age. Had you not killed yourself after I did so a couple of times, you would have won. Good games!
    i think so, my family is using the wii tv to watch some stupid move, but i think it'll be done by then.
    When do you want to do our match for the PAWNCH tournament?
    I could probably do it tonight.
    I know you keep telling me to stick with Zelda only, but I can't help it. My OLD main called out to me today. I feel destined to rekindle my relationship with him...
    well what do ya have in mind budz? =3

    one of us should make our own XAT just for the two of us.. and whenever we're both free we can just go on there, fight, and talk boutz B-rAwL. ^_^
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