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Professor Pro
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  • Prof - your down on the list now :) let me know if your bringing anyone else down. small crappy lil 32 man tourney = small pot £1 per event, but gives it a lil bit more edge lool XD

    Venue - 48 lynton Road, rayners lane, harrow, ha29nn

    Signs ups- 12.45
    play starts - 13.45

    £1 per event:
    Brawl singles
    Melee singles
    Melee/Brawl Doubles - decided on vote on the day (hopes melee XD) *bring a couple melee players = more melee doubles votes = more melee *
    yooo prof did you get my message i left on msn, about if you still heading down here tomoz???
    20th june, finking bout organising a smash fest round mine intrested? obv bring more people as well. i need to hit some training with the better people init
    umm i think i was supposed to post this to you, i posted it to myself my bad.

    Well one for example is a comment u left fuzzy, saying, I want you to be my friend cos I love you. thats PTR all over, add me on msn, trio3@live.co.uk/epic+win/u+suck/sell+melee
    lmao, you wernet supposed to understand what it said, i cant remember exactly what it said, but i translated it again and it makes no sense.
    I put u r rlly funny like PTR, srsly the comments and posts you give are just what PTR would say. Keep it up.
    Ich werde Sie sind ein lustiger Bursche, alot besetzen, wie Peter, ich denke, dass wir weiter sehr nett lololol werden würden
    If you play with Fox, that automatically makes you cool! :)

    Long-live Fox McCloud!
    Ok. How about I give you a special ticket.

    The ticket is a lie...
    Love Aiko
    I'm sorry babes, but I had to treat everyone equally :(

    Tell you what, I'll give myself an infraction, just for you.
    lol they probably will serve my *** and treat me like a manchester, liverpool hatred but ill give it my best shot. and im exclusively brawl my man, only actually played melee once and it was good but it was lonnng time ago. oh and i added you on msn.
    I've decided that, when I get melee, I'm going to troll the (enter name of mmy SSBM main) Boards. Since you are a UK thread troll can you give me advice?
    Hey Pro, didn't mean to try and put you in the **** with that post lol, I was just surprised you didn't say anything about spKz :p.
    Brawl is better than Melee because of the fantastic online play...oh wait...Brawl is better than Melee because...um...the whole family can play! Yay, mum and son fun!
    Melee is better than brawl, yet Brawl is still good. I guess at this point its a matter of preference.
    I go out and have a life too. The only reason I said something about MKWii is because I know alot of people play it. I wasn't trying to force you to play but EVERYBODY is playing it. I know what an opinion is so you don't have to explain it to me.

    So you don't play pokemon? Then again the game has a bad reputation for being liked by little kids. I don't know why it has that reputation. Other games at tournaments people play besides smash and halo is guitar hero. I'm not the best guitar hero player in the world. I can't even get past 5% on fire and flames -_-. They need to have HRC tournaments. I would crush the comp in those all day!! Not that I wouldn't do my best in 1 on 1's. I'll play any game out there.................except metal gear solid, legend of zelda cdi, games based upon movies, new sonic games, and anything with metal gear solid in the title. Nobody can convince me that metal gear is a great game. That and tripping our my only complaints about brawl. Yes, I know I'm hating on snake by the way.
    Ok what other games do you like to play? Please don't ask me to play Mario Kart Wii cause I don't have it. I have Pokemon online but do you really feel like playing me now?
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