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Alpha Dash
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  • loool dont be dumb my fox had your climbers easy as soon as i decided to play properly and actually shine...btu shame on you for losing to a player i dont play :p haha
    but yeah ill let you know when its on......

    Is this why you hate CF lol.
    Wobbles does some good stuff in this and 2:21 was a rude attempt on an edgeguard, maybe you can steal some of his tactics lol.

    Look how he comes up on the stage aswell and his overall approach with the character, you need to start doing that.


    He does some rude stuff in this match lol.

    0:38 he throw him to Nana and then runs on the platform while he makes Nana throw him and then Dsmash.
    And 0:50 he makes Nana Fsmash but then throws his the other way so he gets hit by the Fsmash in the opposite direction lol.
    urs thursday? thats sweet if its confirmed i'm theree, and deathgazers is 2mo so that shudnt get in the way. unless some live-o freshers bang on his door lol thats bout the only thing id drop smash for
    yo man saw ur message on his profile, its £16 for you to get from urs to his uni, in near hatfield station. im goin ther wed.. come if u can
    At your house yes lol.

    BUTTTT as soon as we meant maidstone, your IC's cudn handle my Falco when I was playing properly, you had no choice but to crawl up in your shield and stay there IN FEAR!
    You aint got alot of puns....you got nothin, similar to your smash skill lol.

    You better view some more IC matchups before you bring it to me.

    I might even goin someone like Pikachu and beat you :)
    yeah man sweet ill happily come up again.
    and me too, i took everythin fuzzy said into consideration and improved alot of my game, mainly movement.

    My training partner, while no where near my skill plays ice climbers so i got a pretty good idea on how to **** them up. but that grab spike thing u did with nana was SO sick
    My fox is not threatened by ice climbers. It destroys EVERYONE that comes in contact with it.
    I look forward to seeing you attempt to get better at the matchup :)
    yeah man, wednesday after 12 and no college on thursdays, but i might be working thurs im not sure. dam new job is gnna infract with me playing smash alot =/
    was up at uni said i might b going 2 the one in october ill b dwn coz its the same day as the london MCM expo n ill probably go 2 that till 1 or 2 n still make it 2 the ranbat =] hopefully shld c u then
    ye the destruction of your ice-climbers by my mario was very enjoyable!
    unless you callin ur lil event destruction, whihc was fun too, cheers for the invite man
    Finally your on this website....
    Now you can post a tell people how you are gonna destroy them like me lol.
    Dash from the train home?
    and Hell yeah!! ill make any kind of treks to play smash against better opponents, my one amazing friend wont play me anymore for more then 3 games

    txt me at some point, no is 07962223480
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