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  • You'd have to be quite well behaved though.

    I always play by the rules, it's what makes the game fun.

    Lol the game.
    With a red name, sucks 2 b u.

    It's why I'm on the Falcon boards, I'm da bess when it comes to **** like this.
    When we don't want you on this website/forum anymore.

    I don't know.
    This is your one and only verbal warning. Anymore posts like that will result in a temp ban.
    sorry for the bs miscommunication nonsense this evening.

    I give full blame to ramzeh =D =P

    I'm going to bed now. talk to ya later, man.
    Sorry I've been busy and now I'm in Vegas. I defiantly let you guys now when I upload the vids though.
    I'll be starting to upload everything near the end of this week. I recently had tons of problems with the matches de-syncing and losing the player inputs during matches.
    <3 u bro i'm just playin lol although if ramin or anyone else sees your comments you got a ****storm coming ur way xD
    I got 5th/7th, a lot of upsets. Scatt beat kismet in winners, kadaj beat reflex in winners, dyno beat scatt and billy and did well againt elev8, I lost to elev8 in winners, Julius almost beat dyno in pools, kyle didn't get out of pools. We had to leave early b/c of pools so I forfeited after I beat don and let him take my spot against biglou since we had to go.

    Kola is really good, he has a lot of good tricks I noticed when I was watching him against a dk/mk, and he can do GR to dair consistantly on MK hich impressed me, I vs him in losers and 2-0ed him, 2nd game I was down 2 stocks on BF with my controller drifting or something, every time I used jab a utilt would come out, but I made a comeback and won the set.

    it was something like:
    1. elev8
    2. kismet
    3. kadaj
    4. biglou
    5. dyno
    5. me
    7. don
    7. reflex
    9. scatt
    9. ?

    i'm not 100% sure on those results.
    I'm not gay, I just have realized how mean I have been to you in the past, and I apologize and I promise it won't happen again

    This time that you've been gone...

    it has made me realize things. It has made me realize how important friends are. It has made me realize how important spending time with your friends are because this may only last so long. Joe, you are a very special person in my life to me and I thank you for everything you've ever done for me. I hope we can put anything negative between us into the past and move on. Joe, I miss you, you're the best friend anyone could ever have.
    I miss you long time <3.

    Me, Julius, and kyle are going to a tournament tomorrow, a lot of NC is coming + kadaj. I'm winning cuz I'm pro. I got the new map pack when I was at kyle's, vacant is amazing with javelin, I got 30 kills with it in 2 games.

    when are you coming back? I'll try to lend you my wii before I go if you get back soon enough.

    write back soon please, give my regards to Colonel Lee and give dem yanks hell.

    -hugs and kisses
    1) you can't do animations like that

    2) the only way to have an image in the background is to replace the whole thing, and then position the image (which becomes concave in the middle, stretching the image).
    it depends. what did you have in mind. i can put a picture in easily, but if you want it to be flat, then its more difficult.
    Sorry, late response is late.
    I'm still Freshmen in Salem High School, which shows why my movement around GA is restricted, but I look forward to attending Tech as well.
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