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  • lol, dittos don't determine who's better with that character. it just means the winner is better with the match-up.
    Let's get there at 2:30, Julius might come later. Don't forget, syntekk at 9. And wait for my thread in the News saying to start spamming
    Hey dude
    What did you mean when you said top right?
    At any rate...
    My friend code is 1504-7125-8179
    PM me with your code =)
    And then we'll work out a time we can play...my timezone is GMT+10 by the way.
    oh I see:)
    yeah, we need something on charizard! but charizard isn't much a threat anyway imo
    lol thanks for your reply in my thread about falcon vs pokemon trainer.

    I aprreciate it man, thanks.
    thanks for your reaction on my highlight video (in my thread):laugh:

    no seriously, I really appreciate it:)
    I sigged you man, thanks
    sure one moment though, I'll post my opinion in the thread after I've watched it:)
    good contribution to the falcon guide:)
    although I'm not sure if I'm going to add it to the guide, as a Uair, or maybe even a knee would be a better/safer option in the situation you mentioned.
    although on the other hand it is great for mindgames..
    but still..let me think about this:)

    and thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it
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