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  • Ay bro its all good
    haha an as for ED hes a friend of mine n he just gets full of himslelf sometimes and yeah u knw
    but ehh
    EDs a ***
    nah but dude its koo
    n my wii broke
    so im pretty pissed i got some other wii
    if you wanna brawl here my FC
    yeah thats bout it mann
    lol It felt weird only having to do one match
    GG =D
    And nice Link =D
    Ok I'll add you know and get online.
    It's 5 Stock for the both of us so it works out good lol
    I'll host, Good luck =D
    Oh awesome, you're here =D

    Sucks about your finger though.... push ups do suck D=

    Now lets decide on a stage to play on. I'm thinking Yoshi's Island, which stage do you prefer?
    I have to be at work in an hour and a half. So chances are we won't get to play right away, unless you come online now lol
    But hopefully we can play when I get back, which will be around 10:00pm mountain time, maybe sooner. Do you think you can play then?
    I really want to do this today so that we don't have to make everyone else wait lol
    Hey we have a match against each other in the Motley Crew tourney. Tell me when you are ready. I can play anytime before 5:00pm Mountain time =D
    true thanks mann
    and your one of the best links ive playd
    GGs bro
    we for sure neeed to brawl!
    Sorry about the spam. Pit doesn't have many offensive special abilities so I find myself launching a lot of arrows. Also, he is shorter range then Link so arrows helped me stay outside of your striking range. Good games though, I will work on the predictability thing. Hope we can play again sometime. If you ever want to practice let me know. I guess I could lighten up on the arrows for friendly games.

    Good luck in the tournament.
    Hey PKSaturn. I will be around for the rest of the night. I will check this board occasionally to see if you're around. Let me know when you're ready to play.
    Hey. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am new to these forums so I am still trying to adjust to the setup. I will definitely be ready for our match on Saturday. According to the notice I received, it should be taking place at 12:00 NOON eastern time on Saturday? If I am wrong on this please correct me. This is my first smash tourney so the workings of it are still new to me. I will be on before Saturday to sort everything out/verify the times and place to make sure I don't miss our fight. If you have any helpfull advice or information I would be glad to hear it.


    are you online now? we can try and do it now, but I think my mom might have torrents on, so if you do want to do it now we should probably do a friendly or something first to feel out lag
    i was messing around with someone who had hax on, i went to put some codes on my sd card, and it seemed like it's been messing up since.
    LOL the spam :D Apparantly, probably due to the lag, spamming works wonders in wifi

    Good game to you too. It seems like you're pretty good.
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