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  • Well considering i rarely use Snake and dont know how to use him properly. I used him for fun there.
    OK.... but i always choose ZSS for BF. i also use an LCD btw. and thanks, but if u want a rematch, VM me. :)
    Wow gg's Ginger... Sorry about the constant lag... my fault. I think my router is on the fritz :(

    Oh and by the way, let me know when you are backin the 916 area so we can brawl without all of the wifi nonsense :p
    Hey Ginger! I am actually on vacation in San Francisco with my in-laws, but I should be able to brawl with you tomorrow evening if your down for it. Just let me know :D
    I thought the items were already off on mine! xD
    My little sister must have turned them on when I wasn't looking. >.< LOL!
    Man, you're good at G&W! ^.^ I'll have to try dueling you sometime, so it's not so random. xD
    Hey Ginger! ^_^
    Was that you who I battled with Ugg?
    (I'm BEAR)
    Why didn't you accept my friend request? xD LOL!

    GGs though! That was really cool! ^_^
    lol I never got into wavedashing xD
    I practiced every once in a while, only with Luigi cause his was the longest xD
    GG's though =D
    I wasn't sure if you wanted to play more after that, but we can if you want to
    lol it's ok =D
    My cp's will be Brinstar and Rainbow Cruise, and BF works for me =D
    I added you and I'm online, I guess I can host unless you want to
    Hey, I guess you didn't see my message, or the one I posted in the thread. Hopefully you see this one xD
    Hey you want to do our match soon?
    I just want to practice a bit before we fight cause I haven't played since yesterday xD

    Also what will your counter picks be? We get 2 each since it's best 3/5
    Wow dude your Marth is very good. Some lag but still fun matches. Lets go again sometime.
    Haha yeah bud, they were sweet. I used to Main marth in melee. You actually stole my color or I would Have done better lol. I just hated how I'd suicide at least once during almost all of the matches :\
    Lol the first pit ditto you spammed arrows so I did it right back, sorry about that, :) it's suuper annoying lol
    Amazing matches, as usual. Your marth's getting better :p
    ZSS is fun. xD
    Sorry, had to eat dinner, good matches :p
    You're getting better fast :o
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