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  • I'm still in Portland,
    haven't been playing much Brawl though, mostly modding.
    I don't blame you for saying what you said in the general chat about sakurai. I do think they needed to make the game more accessable, however i think they dumbed the Brawl down a it too far than needed and could have elft some aspects in the game from Melee.
    New discussion in the Lucario Backroom, check it out.

    You know it's serious, if I'm sending this out.
    I think I play simular to Junebug, but I'm not as safe or defensive, nor a ground lover.

    Breezy said I go for a lot more risks than D. Disciple does when I played and teamed with him last weekend, and tbh I really do. I should drop that since being a high risk taker is a bad idea when I do it too often. I'll need to work on that.

    I also showed Lucario's Upthrow CG a lot last weekend, Breezy was going, wtf is this, when I did it to him. The Wolf's and Fox's were baffled, except for Asdioh he was getting out of it a lot better I might have been messing it up on him, Fino was laughing when I did it to his Falcon and he said it looked funny. Fino said I was a lot better than the Lucario's he has played but I have a terrible roll habit, still he said because Lucario's roll is dumb he had a lot of trouble punishing it. I'm glad someone did give me advice like that, I like getting help when I can.
    Oh you edited, nice info.

    Really I'm getting to a point where I feel like I'm just telling myself to "Suck it up" for Luc's bad MU's. His Aura just makes things hard sometimes, maybe it is just preference for MU's. Like a lot of people complain about Snake...I don't feel very threatened by that mu, even when I'm playing true good Snake mains. Yet I find DDD to be just a pain no matter how well I play that match-up, even when I win it I get this yuck feeling after playing it.

    I guess it's a player sort of thing. Cause I hate playing a bunch against a bunch of mid tiers like Peach or Luigi even when the match-up is easier than Snake.
    I don't think I can do that, I have trouble multi-tasking with characters in smash for some reason.

    Only good characters, aka not Link, I would think about using like that would be Falco and Peach, still mu Luc>anyone I can play my a mile and a half.
    When are the smash researchers gonna release something about shield DI.

    I don't feel comfortable asking MTI about it.

    mostly because I don't like him and more then half the things he says are wrong.

    and that I trust smash researchers more.
    I'm surprised by this, well sort of. I thought RJ was going to be modded before me because he was a discussion leader after all. But it might also be my activity on the boards that helps. Who knows, I'll just work on keeping an eye on the boards.

    Thanks you for the congratulations.
    FTilt Wednesday it is then.

    Also, I want you to take a look at the WIP. I haven't gotten much for UTilt with Lucario at a deboost, but I did managed to format DTilt into collapsed tags. I think you, and everybody else will appreciate that the data should be easier to find, and the thread much easier to navigate. I'll be the doing the same for UTilt once I get the data 100%, but I'm liking this so far.

    Is that the case?

    Fair enough. I'll consider it, and redo the ones for DTilt that I've left pink notes on. UTilt will have to come another day, I'm not quite satisfied with how many pink notes it has so far, but for the sake of moving on with the project they're more or less telling you UTilt sucks on shield. :/

    Yea it was pretty close till the last stock on third game. It was Marth v Lucario, and yea it was a pretty intense set. In early percentages Junebug didn't care about getting hit, once he hit 130% HE WOULD NOT DIE lol
    After seeing the image, I had to hit the back button to see the web address in my User Counterpick to bookmark it.

    My gosh you are amazing phil.
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