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  • Actually, yes. :/ Me, Lux, and T.

    Nah, don't sweat it. Like I always say, school comes before smash. It's good to know you've got your priorities straight.
    Well, to put it in T-block's words, "A RESOUNDING SUCCESS"



    So, the next one will most likely be held this coming weekend.

    Yeah, the GD sort of got out of hand. :p
    Yep yep! I applied and was pretty surprised that I got in, though I seem to have the swing of things now. Hopefully the TGL project (my largest contribution factor in my application) will get up and running again soon. Especially with all the PNW power ranking drama, lol.
    The image shows that Bill Nye apparently is the voice for the announcer and Master Hand in Brawl, haha.

    Yep, I like using DACUS on a shield because if the hitbox from the dash attack connects, it gives the mortar hitbox a higher chance of poking and connecting as well. Very useful for rushing an MK after nado like you said.

    Although, it bugs me that Snake doesn't seem to have any reliable options for guarding himself from below when you've been launched vertically. He has bad aerial control, so mixing up your landing spot isn't possible. If I try to FFDair so that only the stronger, final hit connects, I can get it shielded then punished. And C4 is fail. I don't know what to do in those situations.
    Yeah, I'm getting more into the habit of cooking nades instead of just shield dropping them to restrict ground movement.

    Which, now that I think of it, is better to do seeing as Snake has to have as many grounded options as possible open to him because of his awful air game lol.
    Ehh....well he's okay. He camps really hard compared to the lulus i play, which is fine, just made it more annoying to play against lol. Honestly, his defensive game is good, but his aggro game is bad hahaha, so i think had i played my normal style of simply camping and zoning mid-range, the matches would have been not as close. But it was pools :(
    Also, before I forget;

    Should I just go ahead and make the export for Diddy? There aren't as many useful posts as I'd personally like, especially seeing as those who gave Diddy a bad review haven't really backed up their views AT ALL, but it seems they're losing interest. Maybe moving on to the next character and getting an export up would spark more discussion.

    I remember reading a Sherlock Holmes story that featured the Mormons founding Slat Lake City. It was really neat.

    I wasn't being myself, I'll tell you that lol.

    Edit the TITLE too please, so the memory will be gone!!!
    Muck..... edit Stauffy's post there toopleaseeee
    I'm the most horrible troll...because I'm apologizing for it.
    Could you edit that thread's title and the post into something random?
    Thats alright, turns out I'm headed to the beach this weekend anyway. When is the next tourney in Portland/nearby? I'll try to make it there.
    Hey Phil, I'll see you at Game Clucks this weekend, time to practice for it. If I am sufficiently improved, wanna enter doubles?
    My folks and I are taking a trip then too. We are going fishing at Diamond Lake. =D
    I'd go though.
    Yeah, that was probably due to the fact that the Smash Lab is a "private" forum; not everyone even sees it listed, only Researchers can, iirc.

    That and it was never really mentioned. I guess people just assumed the cyan name and title were just there to say "HEY! This guy is smart!" and it wasn't really an active, procreative group.
    Yeah, I get a "rush" from getting a data load, which is why I like researching random stuff. But what's this about the group being no more? I had to get sleep for finals, so I just applied today.

    K, sounds good.
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