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Recent content by Pablicio

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    Walk-in Closet (Refurbished)

    Did you mention Sheik as "his" a few times on purpose? 0_o
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    Air Tripping - Now without video proof (yet again)...

    That happened to me once with Sonic. The instant I used my second jump I lost control of Sonic and fell. It is very creepy I tell you.
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    About dimishing effects and Zelda/Shiek

    I don't think switching back and forth resets the effects, but say you keep using Zelda's bair until it is pretty weak. You then switch to Sheik. Will her bair be diminished, or they have different values on the same stock? Also as far as tournament rules are in play, can you freely switch...
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    please desticky and replace with new thread. link to new thread in OP if needed

    I not going into much depth here, but I think Charizard is good against Olimar. He burn all save one of his Pikmin, giving him a headache. He may not actually be a "counter" but fares much better than the other too. This is a great chart, and lol how PT's Pokemon seem to follow the "Pokemon...
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    Boss Battles on Intense discussion.

    Anyone else tried Zelda? I got up to eight with her in one of my first few tries. It is very easy to sweetpot her bair and fair on them and it does alot of damage, and you can also use Din's Fire when it is a little dangerous.
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    hold long did it take u to shake the rust off??

    Took me about a week, and I had to completely remodle my Sheik strategy.
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