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    Q&A The Official Technical Issues Q&A thread (TV's, Controllers, gamecubes, etc)

    So I cleaned my controller, and I wiped a little dust and grime and stuff from the stickbox. Now it's having trouble backdashing. Does anyone know how I could go about fixing this? Would I need to lubricate it somehow?
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    Memphis Smashers

    Found a facebook group. Check it out.
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    MK Matchup's 3.6

    Get him in the air and never let him down, ever. MK's uair is amazing at juggling. Characters that struggle to get down (like samus and luigi) should get badly hurt every time they're above MK. Also interrupt Luigi's recovery once and he's probably dead if he doesn't have a jump.
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    Project M 3.6 Online via Dolphin Netplay Setup + Optimization Guide

    Is there a way to just get the music pack from the netplay build without downloading dolphin? Or maybe someone could make a folder?
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    Tier List Speculation

    Wolf's pretty good. But his meta has barely been developed besides the obvious stuff. I think now that 3.6 is final, characters will start to be fleshed out more. Low lasers, DI mixups, people getting better at punishes overall, techchasing (THE FUTURE!!!), etc. People will finally learn how to...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Exactly! And the official download links gone too? Even if you decided to end it wouldn't you keep those around it you wanted the game to survive? It ended so suddenly... why would they hype up the next patch with amazing costumes if they had decided they were going to end it before that point...
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    Wolf Tech Chases: A [WIP] Guide on Tech Chasing

    This is exactly the kind of stuff the Wolf boards need, good stuff guys. I wish the AI teched randomly like in 20XX but that's probably impossible to implement in PM. Anyone know what AI level it's best to practice techchasing on?
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Tipped Off was wiiiiiiild. So much fun. Sharkz vs Esam was the greatest comeback I have ever seen in any game, not even smash. Shoutouts to TN crew battles
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    Atlantic South [Nov 7, 2015] SS | FullMetal and SS | Flow present: Tipped Off 11 !!!! (Atlanta, Georgia)

    So there are $15 spectator passes? Doesn't say that on the fb page.
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    Tier List Speculation

    I'm not opposed to beamswords and saturns being removed from Peach's arsenal. That Armada v Prof match was pretty silly. But I think doteyes and stitchfaces are exciting and give peach more, I don't know, flavor. Removing all rng would make for a more boring game. Not that I wouldn't appreciate...
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    Wario's Matchups - Free discussion!

    How should I fight Wario as Wolf? Try to overwhelm him with shield pressure and lasers? Need guidance in this matchup.
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Out of the blue today when I played PM 90% of the time I after wavedashed or l-canceled I would shield. I play spacies and wd in neutral way too much so this stuff doesn't ever happen to me anymore. Should I try to fix my controller or something? Has this happened to any you guys before? edit...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    I made some guy capital s Salty today when I 3stocked his fox as marth on fd, yelling stuff about how easy the chaingrab is in pm compared to melee, me grabbing thru his shine, etc. I lost, but I still felt bad for him lol. Also I got 2 minimum-length flash kills on atomsk in wolf dittos. so a...
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    Tier List Speculation

    Plus, does anyone really see PM having a 100-0 matchup? Those don't even exist in Melee, a game with sheik's down throw. I don't think a 100-0 matchup really exists. outside of like Giga Bowser v Sopo. maybe it's just exaggeration to prove a point, but it's hard to tell on smashboards, a place...
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