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  • Grenades however, are not useless in this matchup. With placement we can force you to decide whether or not to follow up and deal a little damage to us, and take 14%~ yourselves (we take it to, but we don't care. Higher % = You no gimp = You die from utilt)

    Oh, and crouching is a lot of help in this matchup. I forgot to mention that. <_<

    It limits your timing and spacing on zair to be in our safe zone, and to where you wouldn't want to use it.

    So if you airdodge to zair, we crouch while you airdodge, and crawling can somewhat help our spacing.

    We just have to stand right as you touch the ground.
    Heres my AIM: SpookyJaw

    Add me when you want xD, we can arrange some fail matches, then we must do ganon dittos.
    You're right. I thought I put it in there.


    Hopefully the connection will be fine.
    Would have, but didn't get a chance to get on the comp again. Tomorrow's my last day of school, so I'll be free anytime after around 2(get out at 10:30, but hanging out with friends).
    K, I should be able to play here in a half an hour or so. I'll post a message on your wall before I get online.
    I've been itching to fight I good Samus... even though wi-fi is the ****.
    Anyways..... my code is is 3308-4258-0111 Rune
    Just was on a minute ago playing with my brothers in a little 2v2, Ive got neutral + CP stages on random, you cool with that?
    Great matches. I love the points in time where we both think the same thing. Completely overshooting kicks at eachother was very hilarious. Synced + completely missed fsmashes aimed in the wrong direction were funny too.

    At the end of our matches it seemed you got more comfortable with the input delay. I noticed many power shields that I didnt see before. Either that or you started seeing a pattern in my gameplay, but it was definitely harder to hit you.
    If youre up to it, Im willing to play a few more matches. Xyro is very inspiring, so I dunno if Ill play differently than at first.
    Monday sounds good, Ill probably be finishing up packing my things that day. Tuesday is still uncertain whether I go or not, but so far my Dad says hell pick me up at the airport, so well see.
    Thanks for the matches bud! Lol, at the end you and I had some pretty gay lag deaths, am I right? BF you had me beat until I used missles in lag to nair. Lol, even Castle Siege you had me beat all the way until your hard work was taken away by the stage shift killing me during my CS.
    Hey bud, play wifi much? Im kinda itching to play after all the testing Ive done. I dont have my Wii setup directly to the internet, so if you do want to play some there will be about .3 to a .5 second delay (or at least from my experience), so I wont blame you if you quit midmatch.

    Just to let you know, I use my Wii browser since the only computer I have access to is my bros laptop, which he is currently using an IM of some sort at the moment. So if you need to communicate anything, Ill need to know prematch, preferably here on SmashBoards, but Im sure my bro would let me use his laptop if the need be.
    Got your message, thanks for taking a load off of me. I had no problems with doing DI when were talking dtilt and CS, but fsmash became very troublesome. I didnt know Samus foes had such a hard time DIing fsmash until I did some testing!

    After finding some of this stuff out though I think I will still stick with saving my dtilt as a kill move rather than fsmash. Fsmash is pretty hard to DI, but it is much too good for punishing foes without getting punished yourself.
    Hey bud, might be a little late getting the rest of those stats. If I am a little late so that I would be off topic when you start discussion on a new stage, would you rather me to PM/VM you or email or just to keep posting as I get the stats in?
    Well, this weekend has been really busy in general. I'll let you know if I have spare time.
    I find it funny that you want to challenge someone like me to wifi when you're on the other side of the country and you're betting on the fact that I'm probably going to use a college dorm wifi connection.

    Just saying lol.
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