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  • Were you the Samus that was in my pool at NK2? Yeah, MO is a lot bigger than it seems. :/ It's too bad we can't play, you were pretty good for a Samus player, and there's actually another really good Samus player in St. Louis. Oh well, you should go to NK3. And keep an eye out for St. Louis tourneys. We just had one last weekend and it was pretty successful, so there will probably be more in the future.
    Well man, I work at a movie rental store, we also rent out games and as long as the game isn't suuper new I cant taker home for a week, so if you know a cool online game you have or could rent or whatnot lemme know and I will rent it out to myself and we can do that
    You're open today! When I get back to my room, we play! I'll be back some time around 4:00 my time, not sure what it is in Missouri ;_;.

    so, like, 2 hours from now. Hopefully we can play!
    lol was playing with a couple people too... doesn't seem wi-fi likes 4 people playing
    Yea i teamed with legan. Samus and link. Teaming with him was the greatest team exp of all time. I had so much fun and we got 2nd place, it ws AWESOME! But yea, come to a HOBO whenever you can. NO KOST is in october and ill be going to that.
    Sync... haha. I did that a lot with Xyro too. Synced f-smashes on PS1. My roommate saw that and yelled "FAIL!" lol

    And yes, I did get comfortable with the input delay. I did start seeing a pattern in your gameplay as well, but I'd blame the adaptation to the lag as the MAJOR source of my better gameplay.

    Hope to do this again soon (Monday, right? XD)
    Well some times people will see some of my vids or they hear good things about me but once they play WIFI(lol) with me they are like "you aint as good as i thought"

    But in any case, THANK YOU! You are aways welcome to my events. Come over any time as you want. In fact i might be going to winter games in florida, will u be there?
    yea man i just made a post about our matches in the social thread. nah i didnt let u win. i literally COULD NOT land on that ship. U kept me off very well. u won that fair and square. i hope i was sorta impressive.
    INDEED! Epic moments shattered by lag-fi. Alas, it was fun all the same. Would you care to do this again soon? Not tomorrow... my gf is inviting me over for holiday dinner... or this weekend, won't be close to the wii... Monday night sound good? Or will you be home by then?
    Haha, let me try to hook up the wii online. I'm at my dorm right now and didn't bring the ethernet adapter with me. Not sure if I can connect wirelessly. I'll respond in about 5 minutes if I can't get online.
    You could say the same thing for d-tilt with your usage of f-smash. Unless they're in the air, d-tilt has just as much range as f-smash. It's all a matter of preference I suppose.

    And yeah, no problem about the lightening the load. You're already doing enough as it is. BF is done, we're onto FD now! ^^
    Whatever is more convenient for you...well, actually, go ahead and post them in the thread, just to keep it on file rather than in my inbox. XD
    wow brah, I was playing some seriously crappy today :( I had a few good times but yeah, for themost part it felt awkward lol, your good btw, like insanely good :)
    Hey! I sent you a request on allisbrawl! This is billie mosley! don't know if you remember me from high school. We need to play one another!
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