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Nø Ca$h
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  • Yeah son. Too bad you had to use those two squiggly lines too hahaha. Just kidding.
    I should be able to pay for the whole trip if I can do odd jobs or a normal job.

    But my step mom made a good point just because i'm 17 today doesn't mean my dad will let me go by myself. That's all I asked for my birthday is to be able to go to apex, and everyone who knows me I rarly what anything.
    havent been in a while... but if i get my skill up i would go, when will u be free?
    haha sorry dude, didn't get that until just now =/

    I was busy sunday tho
    Well I'll spare you some money for busses/trains for wednesday, if you need it. I'm not gonna leave you home. ;3 Although, I'm still iffy on the prices at the tourney. Its like I'm getting stabbed, in my wallet. xD
    Yeah I know what you mean, but yeah. I got the money, but then I probaly won't be going on Sunday. xD Wednesday is a possibility though. (I gotta save money and use it well haha)
    Haha. Get pranked. How did you know? ;D Also, it seems the prices are singles: $20 and teams :$40. But I'll try to spot you for singles tho. Like I said, I'll be teaming with Rin. : D Then next time I'll team with you.
    I'm free pretty much anytime other than Monday/Tuesday nights, but I don't drive either. It's more about when Brian's free since he does. Also wednesday, it might be at my house, but I'm not 100% on it yet.
    Oh ok. When you get there text/call me and then I'll meet up with ya. : D Unless I'm too lazy to walk back to market street lol.
    oops LOL. Sorry, 37 and Spring Garden. You'll get off at 34th and Market. So walk to Spring Garden, then to 37th. : D
    Well, we might have a ride. ARe you able to get to 37th and Spring Garden? Yeah thats in center city. IF you can, then you'll be coming. Its in center city though. I dunno, get a day pass or something, if you CAN. Text me later.
    Well, pakman might be going to this thing Ultima Scout is doing. So, thats at Valley pa. 3129 woodsedge drive is the street. What you think? I wanna go man haha. Imma check to see how one can get there (if thats possible) I see that septa doesn't go near there.
    Ok I asked! We are so going. (I mean I asked if I could bring a friend) We'll team too. I've been practicing. ;D Saturday, is a no no. Sunday is A GO GO.
    I know you can even dash attack and nana will do it backwards i've discovered by myself a long time ago.


    there is sooo much about the ice climbers I doubt most people would even think of like it's possible to cancel nana's smashes at frame after it hits of course you have to de-synce into nana doing something and then popo up-B or down-B, kindof of uselees but cool.

    I mean if there was anyone techical enough to play them perfectly like silent wolf to whoever they could rocket up the tier list.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn0PE0Lm48I&feature=related notice how nana doesn't do a full hop once she has 3 different jump heights short, mid, full LOL.
    Also pichuu isn't my favorite to play as or is the ost fun it's just, it works best I guess I don't know he is just really natrual
    I'm not totally sure it's not like ice climbbers with their sexy down-smash or fox with insane tech skill. I think it's because pichu is more like me than anyone else in this game all about messing with people really bad I could do the same stuff with fox but he isn't just about messing with people that or I main him because he has a bounce in his step like the ice climbers and like me.

    pichu isn't even in my top 20 favorite pokemon and I like puff more so in pokemon and in melee
    Where do you live? Would you be able to make it to Media on Saturday morning? I take the PA turnpike to get into Jersey so my route normally doesn't take me through Philly.
    No no lol I mean when you get to my apartment we'll say to my parents that I met you at my school once. LOL
    Lemme think... YES I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Of course lol. OHZ Smash fest you say next week? I might be able to make that. : D Might.

    Hmmm lets see. Lets just say I met you at my school... err yeah. xD We'll just wing it from there. xD SMASH DESERVES WINGING. : P
    Hahaha yeah we do man. Need smash. I actually played some smash with some of my little cousins. But meh, thats not practice. xD Thats fun.

    Wow thats crazy. Poor person who got shooted.
    Yeah I know lol. xD That would get someone kicked out and other dumb ****. xD Lol I haven't been playing smash for a while though. I might just practice from time to time until another smash fest or something. Luckily skill can't go away like that. OH NOES IT DISSAPEARED. Been playing my Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2 alot haha.
    My main controller stick has no rubber but its all good.

    Yeah I guess its natural preference. Just don't tell my parents that. xD (lets just say they are hard heads and will NEVER understand some things lol, even trying to teach them to save money on the electric bill) My sister (if you ever meet her) is kool with that though. Its good to be able to have people you can trust with things.
    Ah man that sucks. Smash boards only accepts paypal? Im don't have that.

    Lol I have a ripoff too but those are backups mang. xD So two official controllers and a backup rippoff just in case the first two fail. Believe me I would totally play professionally with a ripoff if I had too. xD

    Whoa you threw me off there. xD (totally random xD) But hey, its all good man. I'm straight though, mostly a [woman] boob man. Especially those asian girls. (I'm into light skin girls for some reason)
    Yeah we got this! I'll be having some spare change myself, yay. And I'm totally available for smashing. If you could come to my place it would help, but I'll try going to yours too so we can alternate.

    I'll be trying to get a new phone for better communiK-SHINZ.

    Don't need the premier membership though. I got two controllers that are working good, so we good! Oh, and two cubes. YEAH. :]

    Heres my schedule:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays I have night school at 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Usually I have to be looking over my dad sometimes, so sometimes I'd probaly have you come over. (My dad has diabetes and the like, and I get paid for being his aid or something)

    But if everythings ok I could have my sis and mom look over him and I could come to your house. (usually on weekends and stuff)

    But yeah! I got an xbox live as well.
    Yeah oh well. Hope we can make for the next big thing. I am working though so I'll have some money, I'll let you know how much I'll have and let me know how much you'll need if you need any. (bros gotta help each other out)

    Man I wish I could have gone to Pound 4 though.
    you should need two tokens to get here and two to get home. Those things are trains so there aren't any zones. Its the subway and a trolley.
    Yeah! I'm making Kaze no Kizzu 4 btw! xDDDD

    Ok, really... The truth is I don't play Smash anymore...
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