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Nø Ca$h
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  • probably not. i might have work, and even if i don't, theres another fest in NY that's close. plus the drive to eggm's is long and boring lol. great tourney though
    nah, i'm not going to pound unfortunately. however, i might be visiting philly in mid/late january.
    Hey Man I dropped my phone in the toilet so yeah, lol. It isn't working currently. :[ Hope we both get a ride to Pound 4 yay.
    umm 99$ a night for a hotel is ****ing ridiculous ... especially if u are going to a tournament or a convention of some sort ... split that 4 ways and its cake ... split it even 5 ways and its ridiculously cheap.
    uhm...minor-MAJOR problem....i dont have the copied conversation of us talking about that.....
    D: I love the original voice actors...

    I'd like to go to both RoM2 and BtL2 (I actually play B+), but sadly I'm near broke and unemployed ATM, so most likely neither will end up happening =/
    Eh? I haven't looked into going to BtL2 at all, lol.
    Sadly I don't have SotN for the psp =/ I actually have a super old copy for the ps1, but it no longer works...
    You prefer marth to roy? :'( but roy is so much more technical and fast :(
    My Roy is going to get his first hands on xp today, there is a tourney :) i've learned some really good gimps, dtilt -. over-edge fair x2 / bair -> FF jump fair is sweet.
    and Mario is commin alone fine thanks :) mine is the best in the country, the top pros recognise me (i think), and im spreading the word about the broken lil man (im being serious, wavedashing away then towards with mario allows him to keep a disgusting amount of momentum, speeding him up dramatically)! Good luck with gettin to the top, i have the same idea in mind. only with mario :)
    XD that's awesome

    Tomas remembered me one of the three times I saw him, I think. he's always been very pleasant to speak with. glad you had a good time!
    Don't worry. I have a Roy video, maybe, sometime, but the only song for it will be The Megas - Man on Fire / Heatman.
    Great song choice, by the way! Wicked is such a great song.
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