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  • It's tomorrow, you didn't miss it. I was just telling Shell mine was a few days later than his. As for how Senior life is, not much different, if anything it's more troublesome to me due to all the crap you have to keep up with (such as when finals are and etc.)
    alot of top players from all over, and a majority of the MW.
    alot of east coast players are riding out aswell
    yea i know scatz was telling us he might make it out, hopefully alot of people i havent seen in awhile make it
    there 35 and it covers everything, and you get a bunch of free stuff this one will prob sell out too.
    sure i dont mind, gotta pay for teams at the venue.

    im workin on Marth mostly, but there are some others in the back of my mind
    well get your pass if you can go to MLG dont let em sell out!!! lol, hope you can make it.

    it was solid then i stopped playing till like yesterday so i gotta play catch up again, i need to get outta my current slump. and im working on a secondary too so i just need to get it together and put my experience to work.
    Same i havent really been to anythign since early march, i only went to MLG orlando.

    yea hopefully we meet up at something soon, you going to MLG columbus or showdown?
    Your friend as it seemz:p
    If you wanted to play, just ask, im here 24/7 ^_^
    nothing much man. Hope you had a good time the other day playing some brawl. We didnt get any singles in though
    i work tommrow night thats why im not sure if i can go lol 8/

    its like 20 per team so like 10 each, thats the standard anyway
    yea somethings happened after SB4 and i took a break for like a month, now im stuyding for finals which i take next tuesday. but ive been praticing again and im feelin pretty good.

    it does unfourtaaetly :/
    no we're not really high leveled players; neither of us even made it out of pools. XD

    well that sucks, wish you could've gone. =\
    but yeah, there's a tournament in lexington on the 24th if you're able to go! =O
    gah, yoshi dittos make me want to punch a baby...
    speaking of which, me and nicalobe, the only 2 yoshis out of 61 people, were stuck in the same pool at this midwest circuit this past weekend....
    i was the only one that didn't enjoy it ironically. o.O
    the main reason is that it actually started creating very bad habits for my yoshi. =\

    Hadesblade, for instance, is a top level wi-fi player, but gets his *** kicked somewhat badly offline by higher level players. =\ i hate differences...
    There's also the fact that hardly any of my strats that I use offline work online due to the delay.
    1. At PK's house, the connection seemed similar to how it was at my house, which was like at least more than a second of delay. And, because I don't play on WiFi hardly at all anymore, this is a reason to give that I do not want to play on WiFi because it distorts how I play offline.

    2. Not tonight, downloading stuff, and that would cause MORE lag. I doubt I'll want to over the weekend either. WiFi isn't really fun for me anymore. You can try to convince me though, I usually give in to begging or pleading. :p
    Drunky Kicks? Yeah, I played him last January at The Cove. I haven't seen him since then, unfortunately. We're 1-1 when it comes to tournament confrontations.
    No hard feeling i **** around all the time

    if i bash you dont take it serious

    i am a silly troll
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