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  • I'm not sure about the drunky part. Lol.
    I played him last weekend at "Matsuricon" (Anime Convention)

    His Pit has gotten MUCH better than the last time I played him in January.
    He sure can give my Yoshi a run for it's money. :p
    Hey T-800. Just a quick question..
    Have you played this Pit main by the name of "Kicks"?
    Sorry for the late response. >__>
    I couldn't go to the tourney due to lack of money. :? (Unless it was free..)
    Hopefully I'll be able to go to another one soon.
    Oh it's okay. Don't worry about it. :)
    I might go to this "Test your Might VI" thing that my friend is telling me about. Are you going to that?
    Good job to you also. That R.O.B was too awesome. ^__^
    I really hope we get to play again soon! :D
    Do know if they're having another Tourney like that sometime soon?
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