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Mr. Robotto

What the hell do I put here even?

I am a 21 year old Biology student currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. I grew up multilingual, I can speak French, Dutch, Japanese, English and German. My primary hobbies are working out, doing biology-related stuff (which mostly just boils down to sightseeing or diving) and of course, playing video games.

I mostly either play Fighting Games or JRPGs. Not a big shooter guy. The Fighting Games I primarily play at the moment are Tekken 7, Skullgirls, and all KOF and Guilty Gear games with rollback. If you ever want to hit me up for a round or two don't feel intimidated to contact me. Besides those games, you can potentially find me playing some fightcade as well for games like Vampire Savior and Third Strike.

Also a big Yakuza dude, love that series with my heart.
Jan 27, 2001 (Age: 23)
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