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Recent content by Ministry

  1. Ministry

    How do you like to recover?

    why not just ask tranimal or waz?
  2. Ministry

    could sheik be overrated?

    i think sheik is actually really bad, playing the last year with armada, and other good players. i think she maybe only beats peach, and every other character beats her. lack of air mobility and very predictable and punishable recovery brings her down alot. she is also the perfect combo weight...
  3. Ministry

    Guaranteed punish on Fox with Dsmash

    omg its roche hihihihiih
  4. Ministry

    Sheik vs Other Top Tiers

    watch videos, you could write pages and pages on every matchup. watch high level sheiks, m2k, plup, kirbykaze, overtriforce. shroomed. and SEE what they do. reading what people write wont help as much as watching a video.
  5. Ministry

    you are not ready yet.

    you are not ready yet.
  6. Ministry

    hey!!! our friendlies were fun

    hey!!! our friendlies were fun
  7. Ministry

    Getting on stage vs Marth as Sheik

    trip where can i find matches of you on youtube?
  8. Ministry

    The Hypest Comeback Ever, 4 Stocks At 30% Vs 1 Stock

    I think duck vs westballz was a more hype comeback
  9. Ministry

    Data Kirby Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Yeah i agree with you. I use it a lot. Also i use ariel hammer and final cutter out of sheild. there are some characters and some situations its good against. I found vs yoshi a lot of multi hit moves are good, fair dair and ariel hammer, since its harder for him to parry/PS
  10. Ministry

    Final Cutter revisited

    has anyone experimented with upb OOS as a punish against laggy moves like peach dash attack or sheik fsmash or other things? I have been testing it. It works pretty well agasint get up attack. And i think it will give you more damage and position then what you would get off a grab normally...
  11. Ministry

    Final Cutter revisited

    I use it to grab the ledge actually. I run and up-b and reverse it while moving forward to quickly grab the edge going with forward momentum.
  12. Ministry

    Im so excited! I cant wait for this!

    july 8th seems so soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xe5_WtuVJk
  13. Ministry

    Should I play who I want, despite being really bad?

    play for fun. dont ask others for opinions. just play who u want
  14. Ministry

    Most Important Sheik Matches

    I dont think linking a nearly JV5 is a good example at a set to look at to improve. there are very little interactions. only like 4 or 5. Its like suggesting you should copy this person playing perfect.
  15. Ministry

    Most Important Sheik Matches

    I think this is a bad example. Often watching sheiks much above your skill level doesn't give you help relative to what your problems are. watching more mid level sheiks you can see how they deal with matchups. Players like Flash vs silent wolf (vs fox). Lucien vs shroomed(vs doc). Amsah vs...
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