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  • Probably so, but there are instances in which you can tell someone gtfo and still have all the love in the world for them...e.g. like telling a buddy of yours or what have you.

    Since most everyone (except for Hooblah) is my bud here, I have respect for them). :)

    I'll check it out, by downloading one of those special bits of software...
    Yeah it's cool I'm not pissed at them or anything.

    My friends whine more than they do.

    They're all butthurt after I infracted them for censor dodging and talking about beating off.

    I love SWF. If you aint getting *****ed at, you aint doin' it right!

    Thanks, you should definitely start by playing the Migen Brawl level. It was pretty epic for a first boss battle.
    This is when Azua will kill you in your sleep, so to speak. :3

    Sleep well!
    Haha don't worry.

    If anyone asks, say you'd just changed it for like a second.
    Any Treasure fan is a friend of mine. :D

    Also what the **** you're not a mod anymore?

    Oh right, just realised you are. NAUGHTY!
    Hey Mike you coming to ROM2? It's looking promising. You should look into it. Also can you take this pink **** out my name?
    HAHAHAHA! Get on that Melee. I know I'll be getting back on it. Dire said he would train in Melee if I'd stop by. Gonna try and get the old DA back. They should be getting tired of Brawl about now. Maybe not Wes cause he has his dream character but I know Raffy must be hating Ganon.
    Whats this I hear you're playing Chops and wrecking? Haha, good to hear man. I was scared you were brawlafied like the rest of DA. Whats good with new MikeG vids?
    Oi. Make Nya a D3 mod for the time being. We don't need anything out of control until we can find a suitable replacement.
    I lost my job three months ago, buddy, or I'd love to. If I had the money, and if they had Brawl, the Roytards would rush down there. My finances are a little tight right now though... =(
    It had to be Colette? Couldn't be an old skool gangsta and have mint, instead? C'mon, bro.
    don't forget spell cancel => superlightning blade=>superlighnig blade=> again this ****=>again this ****=> death lol
    even though i don't use spell cancel often cuz it's kinda broken
    except when i play colette ^^
    I talked to Slasher King, and the Atlantic Master Cup(NC's next big tournament) has been moved to February because RoM 2 was scheduled for November.

    Hope to see you there man.
    Ah, thank you :D

    A shame to lose all those posts but them's the breaks :O

    P.S. Colette avatar is amazing XD
    oh yeah have to say i love your av man^^
    Tos is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh snap! I'm a bit embarrassed. I was talking to mic_128 thinkin' he was you.

    Well, now I know you two are different. And the conversation (don't know if you could call it that, since he only replied once) wasn't an odd one, though.


    BTW - lul, modgasm.
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