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Mike 223
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  • So I saw an arena titled "K rool vs DK" and I switched to DK because why not? Then the K rool, The Watari, t-bagged after every stock, I picked Steve and beat him 2-1, only lost by stooping down to his level and being toxic, losing my cool.

    The Watari, you belong in elite, get out of the battle arenas where we actually want to play the game instead of spamming and lag switching to win.
    I decided to mess around with my alts as Steve, and found I was doing better with Zombie then with Steve.

    This makes no sense, maybe I got more unlucky in online with lag on Steve or something.
    To all Little Mac players I've fought:

    You are the true chads of smash, you actually use skill to win, and don't SD at the sight I'm playing Steve, even though it's one of your bad matchups, you all are what I wished I ran into more often, actually good, chill players.
    I try to play Steve the least campy I can since it's not fun for anyone when you just stay behind a wall.

    Then everyone I match into anywhere, arenas, elite, all of them camp and spam me, forcing me to do the same.

    Ran into a Corrin just now whose username was "Uscrub" I could already tell this was gonna be fun, they resorted to cheap tactics and spam a lot of the time and t-bagged whenever they took a stock, clearly just wanted to tick me off and make me ragequit, but I rematched multiple times, really just amused by this, I ended up beating them in the last game, but I had to go unfortunately due to my switch being on low battery.

    That was probably the silliest gameplay I've ever seen lol.
    I was just fighting a Greninja, they were offstage on their last stock, I placed blocks but then saw that wouldn't work, accidentally input down air, and the down air hit them into the blocks and down to their doom, the dair wouldn't have killed otherwise.

    That was an "I totally meant to do that" Steve moment.
    Turns out battle arenas are not better, just fought a Joker who ran and did side b to try and win

    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    I don't understand the "no fighting" arenas. It's a fighting game, I don't care if you're grinding for gold (which I find pretty useless) I wanna fight.
    It's not the "no fighting" arenas as a concept that bother me; I don't get it either, but they're apparently really popular, so I won't rain on their parade. All I ask is that they're clearly labeled so people who want to fight can avoid them.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Yeah, I've been lucky enough so far to where I haven't run into one.
    The brutal cycle of my Elite experience:

    1. Fight tons of spammers

    2. Get ticked off, and begin playing worse

    3. Match into a skillful player, but be too tilted to play properly

    4. Calm down over the course of the match

    5. Match into spammers

    This is why Elite sucks.
    So I did an elite battle today.

    It was a Pac-Man.

    Remembered real quick why I stopped playing Smash Bros.
    Ngl Pac-Man is kinda stupid. Great zoning and trapping tools with decent mobility and dummy frame data. Really hard to fight, especially online.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Yup, especially with how players play online, combined with the fact Steve is bad at approach, online feels like hell
    Lol, the most recent post for online right now is mine from almost a month ago, proof most people don't care about online.

    I've stopped playing for now thanks to online.

    We know why.
    Every single player in my Elite session just now chose battlefield forms so I couldn't deal with their projectile spam effectively.

    Today when playing battle arenas, like 5 different arena hosts shut down the arena just because I was playing Steve.

    Lots of people probably have the one character in the roster they just can't deal with effectively.

    Mine is Sephiroth, he has massive range, a way to deal with Steve Dair (my go-to landing option), a counter (which I already have trouble punishing, but now this one is even harder to punish), really good at edgeguarding (which my character has one of the most edgeguardable recoveries in the game, ironic, really), and projectiles.
    Welp, 99% of Elite players have now lost the ability to beat me because I have learned the staircase set-up, allowing me to block projectiles without hoping my shield comes up in the lag.

    I've been fighting a lot of people on battle arenas using strats you would see in Elite.

    Like just now I fought a K. Rool who camped under the platform on the KH stage and spammed his projectiles so I couldn't punish him.

    I don't know why people do this in battle arenas.

    In Elite it is because they are desperate to keep their GSP up, but in battle arenas,

    "Cool! You won! Nobody cares!"
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Even in Elite, GSP isn't much of a reward,

    "Cool! A pointless number went up! Anyone good at the game doesn't care!"

    It's a super inaccurate representation of "skill"

    like I've said before, my spammy Pythra got more GSP than my Steve, a character I actually put effort into
    At first, when people said DLC is op, I didn't agree with them because I mained Steve, sure his minecart and diamonds are really powerful (seriously I STILL get caught off-guard when I do like 90% off of 1 Steve combo) but he still has to manage resources and won't get anywhere if he can't do that, but then I tried Terry and Pyra, instantly was good a Terry and got more GSP with Pyra than Steve, (also proof GSP doesn't matter at all and is the most inaccurate representation of your skill in existence)
    IMO Steve takes the longest time to learn but beyond learning some tech and your combo tree’s the game becomes significantly easier due to Steves superior tools. The hardest part of him is the resources 100%, staying in disadvantage with no iron is hellish as your best moves are just… gone. Terry is one of the easiest to learn, but he struggles a lot when fighting better people because his tools are worse but more intuitive. Pyra is also like Terry, but easier to learn but when you hit a wall it hits hard because you are used to beating most people, even if you have better tools than most other characters.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Yeah, those Pyras are people I have trouble beating as their sword is massive, and without iron, I can't really get a hit on them, recently learned the staircase block setup, letting me mine more so now I can actually beat characters with way more range than Steve because I have iron almost 24/7. Haven't run into one since learning it, but I know I'm gonna be able to beat them if I actually have iron to get to them.
    Just fought a Lucina who was trying to camp and time me out and I only noticed in the last game I played.

    I won.

    Jeez why am I fighting so many degenerates today?
    Lol, I just fought a Cloud and Sephiroth player who I beat 3 times, and then he decided to camp and spam projectiles and got 1 win.
    Put "How disappointing!" In the chat.
    And left.
    Lol, he probably thought "LET'S GO I MADE THIS STEVE MAD." When I had just had such a good laugh at that.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Thanks for the laugh MeTaLenz!
    SMH I hate those players. What they will usually do is get beat, eek out a win somehow, than get all high and mighty. However, if you made him do that, you won. He was angry enough to be toxic which in and of itself is already showing that you outskilled him. If they care that much, they aren’t improving, while you are.

    Laughing it off is the best way to deal with it, it helps to avoid getting tilted and playing worse.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Yeah, just ran into a Palu that did this same thing, but this time they were spamming from the beginning, I was trying to beat chill as it makes sense to use lots of projectile against Steve, but eventually was getting a bit sick of it, I managed to beat them once by being less aggressive because I knew from the repetition of those losses I can penetrate explosive flame without faster minecarts, so I focused more on mining, he seriously told me afterward, "Thanks for the most boring match ever" when fighting Steve, lol. He switched to Sephiroth, probably one of Steve's crappiest matchups, if not the worst, beat me, and just left in silence. Wonder why I am fighting so many of these types of players
    Just fought a K. Rool who was using lag + Projectile spam to win.

    So he wasn't able to react to my minecart.

    K. Rool, meet karma
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    I remember another time karma came around.

    Was fighting a Cloud who as soon as he took the 1 stock lead, him being on 2 me being on 1, he taunted.

    I won.
    While I understand it is fun to beat players online due to the game rewarding objectively bad players, I feel that you can sometimes take it a little personal. My general mindset when dealing with toxic players or annoying players is that they are being arrogant and likely to take bigger risks. Risks that I can exploit.
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    With all of us tho there is probably a
    Somewhere in ther.
    Some just get more enjoyment out of beating annoying people than others, I lean more towards the side that gets happy about it, I don't burst out with screams or anything tho lol
    I just did a really neat play with Steve's blocks.

    I had the idea on the previous stock.

    I placed a row of blocks and waited under them.

    Once my opponent was close enough, a grabbed them and up-throwed.

    They teched on the blocks but I still did up-smash and since they were at a higher percent they died.

    Felt good to have my kill not be diamonds or minecart lol
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    The replay ID is: 0BM5R8CM

    If anyone wants to look at it, I do the combo on Lucina's second stock.

    I could prob 3 stock the CPU if I wasn't trying to get a lot of displays of the combo.
    Somehow I had kept hope there are actually good elite players for so long.

    Nice job elite smashers you just too that last bit of hope yall actually do anything but B
    Mike 223
    Mike 223
    Ok, McNulty the Little Mac player.

    Thank you.

    For actually having skill.

    I was Scrimshank, the Steve if you read this.

    Thank you.
    I just joined an arena called "Fun only"

    So I didn't play my main because Steve can be boring.

    Until I saw the gameplay they were doing.

    It was the LEAST interesting gameplay possible.

    So I went to Steve and destroyed everyone.

    The arena got shut down in the middle of one of my battles.

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