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  • GGs, you're really good. Just got a few bad habits that I picked up on.

    I think your reaction speed is pretty good, and will only get better the more you play. Do you have AIM?
    Really great Mario dude, and GOOD connection...better than what ive been playing on anyways.

    I've got dishes to do, but we should play more later today. Maybe in about an hour and a half?
    You spotdodge too much, and it's too hard to time punishes on wifi and it's too hard to space empty jump baits (something that you should try here and there, once you have conditioned people to shield.) but ggs. You are improving even though I think you should not spotdodge as much. You'll notice in my playstyle I virtually never spotdodge. imo, spotdodge should be a last resort, not a go to option.
    Maybe some other time. I am going to try to figure out how wifi works at my dorm.
    Possibly. If I'm not busy doing tourney matches. My friend is also on his PS3 most of the time.
    Yeah, fun games. Input delay messed up my spotdodge reads :( You might want to use more SH Dair and Ftilt more. They're awesome in zoning along with Bair and FF-Uair, which can string easily :D
    Thanks. And yes, i play wi-fi, but i have no wi-fi right now. I will have wi-fi next month. We can play then. *Smiles*

    :mario2: <---God-tier?!
    I got my wii back so.............. . . .. ... ... .. .. . .. . .. ......

    I guess im back online......

    Number A: you could just try a short summary.

    and another thing; don't try and write that far into the plot. way too many spoilers, and all that. you understand, right? it's a good idea, but i just think you shouldn't go so far in.

    normally each user only gets 1 submission for the whole contest. but just because i know you can do better, i'll give you a second try.

    BTW, here's what i'd fill the blanks of the first template with.

    Megaman.EXE (megaman battle network)
    backstory: corrupted by Bass.EXE's power, Megaman.EXE is the one responsible for stealing princess bubblegum's batch of decorpsinator serum made specially for the revival ceremony and setting the plot of this story in motion.
    -quote: No wonder he succumbed to master Bass's power so easily!-

    Destructior (original)
    backstory: A new FFTSF original character, the Destructior is a machine made for murder. he accompanies Megaman.EXE on many assignments by Bass.EXE.
    -quote: ELIMINATE THREAT.-

    Bass.EXE *appears later* (megaman battle network)
    backstory: Originally a netnavi of World 3, Bass.EXE is now a malicious villain who has control over Megaman.EXE. it is implied he was involved in the netnavis' transfer into the world of smashboards, and the disappearance of their human operators. he despises weak opponents.
    -quote: You are nothing.-

    New Allies-
    Wackoman.EXE (megaman battle network)
    backstory: A retired World 3 navi, Wackoman.EXE is a very... well, wacky netnavi. he appears to recognize Bass.EXE too well.
    -quote: Hehehehehe!-

    Dib (Invader Zim)
    backstory: Dib is an agent of the Swollen Eyeball Network who constantly chases after Zim, hoping to turn him over to a law enforcement facility. on SWF, he still despises zim, yet is willing to work alongside him whenever the need arises, such as retrieving the decorpsinator serum from Megaman.EXE so that the human characters of the Lilo & Stitch series can be revived.

    M.E *only referring to this b**ch by initials until the special story* (Lilo & Stitch)
    backstory: on SWF, unluckily for us, she is the sole human survivor of the explosion of hawaii. why and how is a mystery, but reluctantly, she has agreed to follow smashfan's team to retrieve princess bubblegum's decorpsinator serum.
    -quote: What is WITH you?-

    Swiper the Fox *appears later* (Dora the Explorer)
    backstory: pretty much the only character from his respective series that anyone over said show's aimed-at age likes in the slightest, Swiper appears when Dib, M.E, Wackoman.EXE & Smashfan666 land in the Dora universe after floating in space
    after ejection from the Macarron hole
    . even though he is listed as an ally, Swiper is not part of the initial group of five at first.
    -quote: You're too late! you'll NEVER find it now! heheheh!-

    and here's a list of the villains i would choose for your first story attempt.

    previous villains-
    Wilfre (Drawn to Life)
    Lee Kanker *w/ may as a tagalong* (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

    new villains-
    Tak (Invader Zim)
    Mack Salmon (Sam & Max)
    Darkman.EXE (Megaman Battle Network)

    nice avatar. i presume you either got it from me, or found it on flickr/photobucket/deviantart?
    Of all the matches we've did, you post the Ike ditto on Youtube?

    What is this I don't even
    I was just at my friend's place with his Wii. I wouldn't recommend deleting mine, because we wouldn't be able to exchange replays.
    I may be coming back into Brawl later this week, but I'm not sure, just saying so that you aren't surprised if I VM in a few days.
    Great games, the last KO in the last match was lulzy, but you've improved a lot o.o
    Hope to play again sometime, and if you get any better, i may request for you back in LIO ;)
    Keep it up! GGs.
    GGs, the Sonic and Pikachu battles were pretty fun. I'm probably going to take a few weeks off of smash so I won't be taking any brawl requests soon.
    Alright, but right now someone else is using the tv, so the earliest it will be is 1:15.
    Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now. I might get back on around 9:30, but I don't know if I'll play then, tommorow would probably be a better day.
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