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  • I wrote you the message on our thread and on AIM. Just go to our thread and look around the part where I talk about how much it will cost and quote it so I can see your reply.
    What kind of video is it, exactly?

    Also, my YouTube account is "TheReflexWonder", but I have no videos. My videos can usually found by looking up "Reflex Brawl" on YouTube, though.
    Hey Magia, set the date for Brawlfest in the RGV thread from Feb 21 to March 28.

    Just put Brownsville Brawl 2 March 28

    Thanks :) <3
    Hey Magik, the tournament is coming up this Saturday. Send the messages off on Myspace and start getting the people you know together so we can get it done. :)
    Alright cool, but i want to go soo bad, especially since your preety legit, but **** who knows maybe if i get into UTPA.

    It's all downhill from there lol
    I want to go to whatever is on the 17th.

    And i'm the only smasher in CC so yea.

    I might be able to get some kingsville people in that idk, i'll keeep you informed.
    I'm gonna have to pass. **** i'm pissed cause i was supposed to go but i have to save my money cause our favorites dance is the week after and i gotta pay errthing so, even if it was possible i couldn't go.

    anyways theres always UTPA lol
    Lol you wouldn't know what i look like. But no i didn't go, i almost did, but what stopped me going was the people limit. Is there a results thread?

    And any extra space or chance that i could follow you to SA, i'm horrible with directions, and i'm scared to go by myself.
    Your avatar is made of so much win, even firefox couldn't handle it. Brock needs a Santa Hat.
    Hmmmm. Well i haven't really talked to the other 2 dudes here, but as of now it's looking like a go for me.

    i'll let you know though.
    If by people from CC you mean me, than yes i could possibly go. The other 2 smashers like gave up on life.
    The word charity makes my mom's heart melt so i don't see here having a problem with letting me go. How far is it though? And Is it a full day tourney? I don't want to go for some 15 man tourney.
    Sorry i died.

    Whats the RGV scene looking like.

    Cause i might be going to UTPA... and whats that school like? any idea?
    sup. not right now, my sis is playing animal crossing and i'm about to head out to eat pizza with the brawl crew and maybe go beat up some scrubs. i think i can hit you up before tomorrow though.
    3-4? I could have sworn it was 2 lol.

    Well theres a dead thread from the first one they had, they've had 2 since than, and are having one more, it's more like a smashfest (20-30 people) plus it'd be nice to practice with some people. IDk maybe we can actually get together one day or something and than carpool to HOBO 12? idk
    Well the reason i ask is cause i think theres gonna be some cheeseball tourney here, bunch of scrubs that play with nunchunks and side ways wii motes people from flour bluff show up idk. But i saw your matches with xyro and they were preety good, so i figure you guys are good. Me being here in CC it's myself, and 2 other dudes whjo work way too much WE never get to practice.

    BTW how far is CC from you guys?
    haha i didnt know u came here to smashboards, but yea, i was in austin for a while, i finally came back, and yea i wanna beat u with fox ^__^ we can get together sometime if u want and play, i dont like MK haha especially wen u grab so much, but hey part of the game no? send me a reply if u wanna play sometime

    PS: wat happened to 3D Games' tournaments? i heard no one has gone since 2 or 3 weeks ago ?__?
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