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    Peach: Fox's nemesis

    Well.. the peach V fox match up IMO is balanced... but balanced in a way that both characters have huge advantages.. Peach can easily chain grab fox and also dsmash spam the ledge.. for fox what u should do is spam lasers while running away.. it helps but of corse this shouldnt be your entire...
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    To Those that Oppose the Gameplay Changes

    Is it lonely up there on your pedastal? you see the point is darklink... is that the great thing about meele is that you can choose how to play.. either you can play with items and just not WD or you can WD and not play with items, heck if u want play with items and WD or even not play...
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    To Those that Oppose the Gameplay Changes

    did you know that 95% of people make their statistics off the top of their heads?
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    To Those that Oppose the Gameplay Changes

    For this post I will use the names "More skilled" and "Less skilled" for the people who agree that items and some stages should be removed from competitive play and that WD should be left in and for the people who think that every natural aspect in the game should always turned on all the time...
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    Announcer: Male or Female?

    I would want a tender womans voice instead of this crazy guy yelling
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    SamuraiPanda's Translation Thread UPDATED: 11/1

    I am scared of the new game director.. i think hes changing to much but however i think that the characters getting cut will be the newcomers to SSBM not the ones whos been there since the first SSB so jiggly and ness are staying... but i fear GAW might be a choice :cry: Oh god im scared
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    The Official Krystal Thread ;)

    I'd be fine w/ Star wolf or Krystal... Though I really dont think we need anoher Fox/Falco Clone unless they can dramaticly change the gameplay between them
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    Metaknight- *The Official Thread*

    Metaknight seems to attack very fast during his grab.... and hes air attacks seems broken unless there is DI in SSBB On a side not i love the new abbreviation for this game its so much easier now
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    Samus threads thread - Read the first post you noobs!

    Green Samus Main Tx. Btw what page is the samus avatar on, I couldn't find it
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