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  • Was just driving through Wesleco recently. Went to McAllen to bowl. x]
    I don't know why I just couldn't give you my code over the phone. x] I know it by memory ya know. ;) 2278-1537-0596.
    When is your Yu-Gi-Oh tournament? Is it the old school Yu-Gi-Oh?
    OK. Just ask "Is Aaron there?" if someone other than me answers.
    Well well. Definitely add me to the list as the best Fox in RGV. x] Can I go to your house tomorrow so we can brawl?
    Sadly. My Melee disk broke. I forgot how though.

    Put me on that list of players. I main Fox. Hence my username. I don't like bragging much. I got to admit though, I am one good brawler. x] I am probably considered the best Fox in RGV. Please tell me if someone else holds that title. For I shall take it away from them.
    Nope I have not. I will go ahead and go to your tournament. ;)
    Hello. I saw your tournament flier thingy. I was wondering. Is there a prize? Cause I live epic close to Edinburg. I live in Mercedes.
    I should be seeing Billy this weekend, so that's a go. Once I get it, I should be good to go. I'll most likely have them up before the weekend is over. Sorry for the wait.
    Hmm if You+Vorg+Syoudous combine forces at one of vorgs "fests" then it could be turned into a circuit event. Can the name be changed to sound more OFFICIAL(no offense) and where is it held?
    Hey. i message vorg but you are on NOW so maybe you and him can talk it out. Ive asked utd(phase) and kyle(fs) to make thier next event a tx circuit event. All i need is your region to have one as well. Dont make any plans yet because there is alot of work i will need to get done before i announce it. Does RGV have a series like dallas/san antonio/houston? If so, whats the series name. If not, MAKE one.
    I updated your results, Magik. Good stuff.

    And what's this, no Giovanni avatar?
    Just updated your Hall of Fame section, Magik.

    Falco? You planning on picking him up as a secondary for tournies?
    Awwww, you can't be in my documentary on competitive Brawl because you're not going to HOBO 20. :(
    Magik, any chance you can do it the weekend after the 21st? That weekend I have to go out of town for a very important family event, that I can't miss. I can't check out that room for that weekend, we can get in huge trouble if I'm not there when we're on it. Can you push it back one week?
    That just means that Xyro has different songs on his Wii than the defaults, which is why he can't play them. This happened recently with my clips from Steakfest.
    That just means that someone has music hacks, and the songs need to be changed to match and the replays will work again.
    ya man for sure we can play some melee, i gotta practice brawl again too for BATB, umm i been kinda busy with school and stuff but i should be good for tomorrow or thursday
    Magik, I updated your Hall of Fame entry. And here I thought ya just didn't report your results. ;P
    I've had it for quite some time now. Then I got the premium membership so I changed it back to Green. But yeah I've had the purple name since probably 2 weeks after WHOBO was over.
    from what i understand i think you guys are crashing in rei-guns dorm. but i live right across the street from him so we will definetly play at my place while you guys are up here.
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