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  • so i was watching this random porno. a bunch of women are at a bachelorette party or something. and like a 3 guys are dancing around nude w/ their **** in front of the women. there's 2 black guys and one hispanic guy. the woman are like roaring in cheers and crap as the two black guys dance around and get their **** sucked. then the hispanic comes in....the womens cheers are significantly reduced as the guy is dancing around... the reason is pretty clear why the cheering was reduced lol anyway i laughed my *** off at this point.
    i can only wonder what your talking about. but yea if i ever get the time to come down to one of your crappy locals i will. i might even take prescott lol. we should go drinking and stuff too lol >:p
    it's just.. i'd rather wait till i get my own place before i get a system. i can tell u my previous living situation and reason why a system now would not be the wisest of choices for me lol get on aim more.
    christ derk... lol i'll get a ps3 eventually. i don't feel like lugging around a big box lol
    im terrible at saving money though lol i only have like.. 400 in my savings and 50 in my checking lol
    omg.... i don't have his number either.. today??? fk me... um.... give that ill bred negro my number plz :p
    dude, i actually could have came with xyro but i didn't have cash on me... like i just got payed today(monday) i really wanted to come too lol... like i have fridays and saturdays open and i didn't get payed for my first week so i was bummed.. >.>
    Well, I'm usually at school until 10pm, so I should be able to meet up with him at some point. I'll shoot him a text tomorrow and see what's up.
    Yeah, they're supposed to go, but they're not gonna pass by Kingsville.

    When can I give it to you?
    Nah, I can't make it. But I need to give Leaf his controller back. Can you take it for me?
    we're doing fine! thank you for asking! what about you and veronica? tell i said sup! and when you guys planning on moving again? i remember you said something along the lines of jeremy living w/ you to help w/mortgage or something
    of course not. it's at whataburger lol but i don't work over night. i work evening shift like 6 to 12 or 7pm - 2 am, i don't think it's bad. but the weekend tho... 6pm to 4am if i'm not lucky. if i am lucky it's 2 am lol. like.. the manager asked if that was ok for me to leave at that time and i was like sure why not.
    lol no i wish though. i know what you were talking about when you said it was a chilled place to work. i went there the other day w/ my comp lol right after i got it fixed hehe but no you have to guess where i'm working at.. im sure you could do it. it pays well, but demands effort.
    i forgot to tell you i sold my phone lol i'm a poor boy who just recently got a job lol i needed cash at the time :p lolz...
    i ordered this card when i was in moses rm

    i havent been able to get those cards cuz hes nvr in his rm....
    wow, thats so crazy. i guess showing some t/a doesnt hurt your chances of being cast as a power ranger lol. too bad it wasnt a hotter female ranger like ashley or somethin.
    dude wtf, the yellow ranger from Lost Galaxy is that nude foreign girl from Not Another Teen Movie...that girl that does the sex scenes in Cabin Fever...and she was also in Return to House on the Hunted Hill. I've seen those all and never new until I wiki'd her, wtf!?
    Put me through with that guy... i gotta new number also. it's (same area code) 673-6579. I'm down... ay do yu smoke weed? no reggie like weed weed
    So like... the tx top ten ranking is biased imo... look at it and tell me if you find anything wrong with it.
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