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  • God why'd you give me that imagery lol what's wrong with you???? Hahaha I'll consider it maybe but if you ask I say I like yamchas fighting style its so beast.. imagine if he mixed that with a sayin ability then oomg lol I loved his spirit ball too and yes he did end up with a hot wife and get hair but I wasn't happy with the mustache lol
    Eh.... krillens too short and tien has three eyes and a midgit lover and ran away from launch lol
    yajirobe was a ***** though. Yamcha is super underrated and is cool. I wish he was given the ability to go super sayin lol
    I refuse to lose to an mk Saturday. Not esca not sync not p4 not even ally darn it! If anything I'm taking ally to game three. I must know why he's as good as he is
    Dam... he's a brony though.. was hoping to work my way up to him like street fighter or something lol
    You're pretty bad at it hahahahahahah


    Um... but yea.. I'm even gonna take a crack at espy too lol he's like the commander of the bronies imo
    And the mks too
    the pr has been updated and........ you moved up, baron down and im not that far from leaving f tier
    ughhhhhhhhhh.... i don't think any smashfests are going to happen any time soon... on a side note.. we should play wifi tonight :D
    DUUUUUUUUUDE.... i don't think i belong in the houston boards... it's not like i have anyone to talk to to have a meaningful convo or to squeeze out an invitation to a smashfest or w/e -.- and plus i'm not even going to hobo so i'm looking out for **** that's after the whobo date lol
    yea shouldnt be bad at all
    make sure you hook up ur wii with component cables though
    sorry, idk the model numbers or anything
    or the brand actually

    alphazealot might be able to find out for u
    I will not wait for another game because i MUST finish on time. Be available for your brawl match or risk being DQed. The chances of a ssf4 match and a brawl match being called AT the same time is slim to none.
    Sounds like a mm. I'm down, i just sent stiltz a message asking if he smoked lol. How'd you do against him? I saw on youtube like a day or two ago Ally ****** Dojo... I'm sure Dojo is still beastly as **** but Ally's stepped his **** up, so little by little the brawl scene progresses.
    I've gotten better since then. When we played i hadn't settled on a main yet cause i was playing like falco and ****. I basically only play Sheik and ROB in tourney, and i like playing as snake alot too. he's just fun. But yea smiles fell off the face of the earth. Last i rememberhe was playing WoW...might as well be a heroin addict. Either way he doesn't play, or doesn't make his presence known. Stiltz from h-town moved to Corpus but he doesn't smash anymore.
    Sounds good for the 2nd...and perfect cause it's finals and i don't care so i'm down. and I AM CORPUS.
    I'd go to the tourney for sure...if I were going homke this weekend but I'm not. I just keep getting bad luck with dates and what not. But i remeber hearing smashers in Edinburg when i was still in CC but i guess not.
    I'm still a G, so therefore I still smash. I've just been partying to much. I be getting tooooo faded. But I've been trying to get into it but got a job and what not soooo kinda hard right now. It would be alot easier if smashers lived close to Edinburg, and every weekend there's a tourney i seem to go back to Corpus for the weekend so I'm still waiting for that perfect weekend.
    he was gonna have it at some fraternity house near campus. im not sure which fraternity though. ill ask him later today if he is on AIM.
    Yeah we are going to stay at your place right? Do you have wifi because ill have some tests ill need to do on my laptop soon
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