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  • Castro. <3

    Bored I r is.

    And still disappoint in my horrible placement. I think I'm going to WHOBO and MLG Dallas. :)
    yo mikey where was gobz planning on holding his tourney at? mine and rei-guns tourney is on the 18th but we dont have a for sure place to play lol. so im looking around just in case we dont get the blue room again.
    go to smx8 mike
    1 day brawl and melee dobles
    2day brawl and melee singles
    3day crews and (maybe) low tiers towrney
    alright no prob man, hopefully next time. but if you can let some other people round school know bout the tourney if you can.
    hey dude, this sat here in kingsville theres gonna be a brawl tourney at game crazy. i think there giving away like $20 gift cards for prizes or somthin like that. but either way if you can make it you and your friends should go (and spread the word to other smash players you know please) since its a tourney hosted by gamecrazy it shouldnt be too crazy but you might get some good matches in lol

    lemme know...
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