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  • My brawl disc is borked atm, so no Wi-Fi....that and Wi-Fi is laggy as hell and I can rarely connect to ppl x____x. But alright, July 17th it is! I'll see if my crew will head to that one =3
    Awesome! I'll keep that in mind. I usually only go to tourney's if at least -one- of my crew member's are going...this tourney was technically the first I went with my crew as my 1st-1st was at Suspect's/Jack Frost's tourney at San Antonio.
    Aw, well I meant like if there's ever a smash fest / tourney here, you should come; I know we are planning one pretty soon. Plus Beah, Light, and Retro are here xD. But alright, if I'm ever in Kingsville, I'll let you know n____n
    Haha, idk about going to kingsville, I mean, I've nvr been invited there or ever hear ppl going there..lol, no offense; you should come here~!
    And yeah, Beah is so awesome n_____n <333 He's so nice and helpful, I was/am glad to have met him =3
    Kingsville! That's kool, got a couple of friends that go there n__n
    Umm, I've been playing since It came out...but stopped a month b4 college started and only started getting competitive this semester when I got back from Xmas vacations...Beah -finally- found me and inducted me into his crew =3 <333
    Haha, Pika -is- an awesome char, but needs a lot of work to get his timing right 'cuz he does have a lot of quick-buffer moves, it's crazy. + his chaingrab and camp abilities x___x
    And alright, can't wait >3, of course, we -were- gonna go Samus/Lucario (MY Lucario <3) on you all, but Retro wanted to go G&W/ Metaknight ...*sigh* if only we just did w/e like our friendlies..my Wolf would've wrecked you all xP
    Oh, haha, that figures xP. Yah, sorry I wrecked your Pika, but I've had experience against Beah's xP. But you didn't have to go G&W one me =[, I just figured out my counter for him, so be ready next time >P
    Tbh, when did I play you ^ ^;;..I don't recognize your screen name, but yeh, my Wolf is going to be a beast >3
    Hey, do you have Bombchu's, DKmon's, and Jere's AIM?

    I added one of them on Myspace, not sure who. lol
    Yeah two hours is a bit much if you are getting out at the time the tourney starts. If anything comes up and you get a break, let me know ahead of time. Either way, that is the thread where we will all be talking about the tournaments to come too, so get to know the players that are going / subscribe to it or whatever it is you got to do. :)

    See you at Brawlfest 2
    What times do you work? The tournament won't start until 3. Maybe if you get out around that time and I put you in the last pool you can still make it. ;)

    Can you do me a favor? Go to our thread and let me know there (which is where I check it and everyone can see your situation / come up with ideas) where exactly you live (what city in the valley), how far from Brownsville approximately, how old you are / if you drive, and what times you work on Saturday.

    this is the thread:

    Well either way check the thread out and talk to the people there, it's everyone from the valley who is going. Maybe you can wifi someone or you'll get motivated to call in sick. :p
    If you got a loction, i maybe able to go. Cause we can't exactly play at my hose soooo... callup play again and ask them if it's cool if we go
    i cant make it this weekend i have to go home to pick up some eyeglasses. but let me no when there r other tournys in this area.
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