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  • That works for me. If I can't get there in time just dthrow and I'll get them off the bounce or tech.

    Double sheik is also pretty homo.
    Haha, oh yeah. We should roll people in teams MMs with bottom tier characters.

    But I wouldn't do that in teams lol. My Sheik/Fox/Puff/Marth are who I use if I want to win.

    And he's not my best anyway. Kirby is just too bad, but I love him so =(
    Would I!? Well I still want the xbox360+ def, but as for the LoZ DS, how much was it again?
    Btw, just pm me your phone # and deets so I can ask my father to make an arrangement and what not
    How soon do you need the money? Unless your willing to do a half now/half later, It could take me about a week to fully pay it off. If your up for the first option then I could pick up the cube gamecube set within an hour
    Just writing it down to be sure:
    Yes, but my laptop with my recording software isn't working at the moment =\
    Haha, that would be the life =]
    I think I'm probly gonna be staying up here in dallas for quite some time though. Gonna be taking some community college classes this semester, see if I can't eventually get myself a degree in Game Development at UTD.
    Last time we played was at ressurrection in january, i came with shady and mikey from the valley. Let me know sup!
    Yo S.O.S, im in San Antonio for the weekend, what are you going to be up too friday(tommorow). i want some pro melee action, and loads of it :p
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