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Recent content by madrush21

  1. madrush21

    [Updated 06/09/16] 19XXTE 0.11, ROM Hack (Working on Console!)

    Is it possible to have 19XX force neutral starts on dreamland (maybe other stages too)? 20XX does this for melee but I'm not sure if spawn points work the same in 64. It'd be nice to have for singles and doubles
  2. madrush21

    Best Apex 2015 moments

  3. madrush21

    First time since early years - OMG this game is fun

    Thought you were darklink-x for a second
  4. madrush21

    Apex 2015 Money Matches

    Can I get a salty rematch from COA against @Sedda ? $5 MM Your Fox v my falcon DL only
  5. madrush21

    Apex 2015 Teams Thread

    This is my official I need a teammate post Who wants to team?
  6. madrush21

    805 (Socal) Xmas Practice Partner?

    I live in south San Diego, like 8 miles from Mexico. I'd be down to play if you are ever in the area sometime. Are you going back to texas after the 1st?
  7. madrush21

    Help me pls

    I'll be going so a carpool would be cool if other San Diego people are going. @sman865
  8. madrush21

    [Nov 1, 2014] (Melee/ProjectM/64) C.O.A. Comboed On Arrival 6! (Somerville, NJ)

    Anyone can give me a ride from JFK to the venue at 3pm the day of?
  9. madrush21

    Is a GC adapter worth my money?

    @Amida64 used one at apex too, right? I haven't used the GC>N64 adapter but I've used other adapters from raphnet and they work well for me.
  10. madrush21

    Apex 2015 Hype! Jan 30-Feb 1 Results, brackets and videos are up!

    I want to see JaimeHR vs Wizzrobe runback in the salty suite
  11. madrush21

    Gringos in Peru 2014

    Photo taken just minutes ago
  12. madrush21

    Gringos in Peru 2014

    maybe boom wants them to see why he thinks hyrule should be banned
  13. madrush21

    Gringos in Peru 2014

    mariguas 2 and out #onlyinperu
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