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Recent content by Luma

  1. Luma

    Alternative way to ledge stall.

    Cons: - No hitbox not always a con, against peach and marth for example you dont want a hitbox ice used to do that alot when he was playing sheik
  2. Luma

    ledgedrop aerial interrupt

    its useful when you are needle-camping trying to avoid my needles by jumping? not gonna work anymore
  3. Luma

    ban stadium

    oh wow. people still dont know varist is just a troll? thats kinda sad
  4. Luma

    ban stadium

    randall is perfectly fine shy guys though...
  5. Luma

    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    try doing those when you edgeguard someone like a marth or peach, you dont want to him them obviously (check Armada vs Ice @ Beast3)
  6. Luma

    Why does stage picking come first?

    it was also a time when fox players didnt camp phish =P
  7. Luma

    Why is DK64 banned from singles?

    from what i know the barrel has random elements while randall has none
  8. Luma

    Why is DK64 banned from singles?

    *cough*randall is timed, l2p*cough*
  9. Luma

    [Berlin, Germany] Melee@Meltdown Monthly Series (every 2nd Saturday)

    yes the next one will be on the 8th yes you can show up and participate just check the facebook page for the details, but signups are from 18-20 usually
  10. Luma


    sure, play a 3:2 set, "got lucky"....
  11. Luma

    Why do we get mad playing smash?

    i dont get mad at all playing smash, even when i get 4 stocked 10 games in a row or just play like a noob why? because its my fault in the end, its only me playing and only i am to blame, getting mad over my own inability to perform wouldnt help me in any way (sometimes i do have to stop playing...
  12. Luma

    Twitch.tv Announces Official Smash Bros Page!

    OR he unfollwed because riot is like hitler just worse? who knows
  13. Luma

    Tournament Bans

    every event i've been to always had the stage banned for the entire set not sure if you guys played back then when we had a bigger stagelist where we also had bans in bo5/7, did you always ban a new stage before every match? i dont think so
  14. Luma

    The Smash Brothers - Series Discussion

    ehm so what?
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