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  • hey happy bday sorry i couldnt go to the party (stupid finals :( ) and no way awesome! yea i should be able to atleast drop by... man i really want to see it though, do u have a pic of it? thanks again for being awesome :)
    Like yesterday, my classmate made a project for our Spanish class. Some dude saw it and offered all the $$ in his wallet for it. She got $500 for it and had to make another project in its place. Didn't cost her anything over $40 to make it.

    My jaw dropped when she told me that O.o
    Np. He/She may know more about me regarding designs like that but that's no reason to downplay your creations. I think they are great and who knows, you'll probably make something so amazing that this same person would be willing to buy off you. So don't let this person deter you. Just continue doing what you're doing. Why stop/get depressed now after coming this far? /2cents

    $35 and up? I'll consider that when I start going back to work. Haven't gone back to work since November lol.
    I kinda want one now after looking at your designs, but alas, I am a poor individual :(

    What's your favorite thing to design? (MLP, pkmn, anime chars, general animals, etc.)
    Even though you just started, they look great. The pkmn ones caught my eye XD. The Hajime and Hanyuu drawings are amazing btw :) If anything, seeing as you've already done commissions for people, getting ebay bids shouldn't be that hard. How long does it take to make one?
    Have you sold your plushies on ebay before? Maybe you can refer to a previous product to improve on the selling points so you can get top dollar. Just a suggestion :)
    ~$1000 for a plushie?!? Omg... that sounds like a black-market price. But then again, creativity is very valuable so I shouldn't be that surprised. And it's MLP too so that makes sense I guess.

    Art is pricey lol
    Plushies? I'm artistically ignorant but sounds like fun/alot of work. I'm guessing MLP plushies?
    Lol, I think you'll enjoy it. It has the love-triangle drama of SD without the literal mess. When you finish, let me know how you (dis)liked it. :D
    No problem. Also, because I love SD so much, I came across a show similar to SD. Have you ever watched Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (english: Rumbling Hearts)?
    I'm out of it. It had 2 OVAs, not spinoffs. Sorry bout the confusion.

    Magical Heart
    Valentine Days

    Magical heart is a parody of the mahou shoujo genre.
    Valentine's Day is self-explanatory lol.

    They both don't follow the main series exactly so don't worry about anyone dying in these OVAs.
    Yea, everyone hates him but me so I'm like in the super-minority XD. Those two are definitely my favs of the show.

    Did you watch the 2 spin-offs?
    I'm Kotonoha fan (the girl on the train). I felt bad for her throughout the middle of the series, epecially the **** scene (only time during the series I had gotten "mad"). Sekai shouldn't have gotten involved with those two. But if she did that, we wouldn't have the wonderful show we call "School Days" now would we? lol

    My almost crying point was last episode at his house. Like literally, the parts leading up to him checking his phone felt like a horror movie just waiting to happen. I felt like crying when he got stabbed :( Like, by that point in the series, he felt responsible for his actions and he was on his way to changing about the way he was, only to die like that. He saw what he did to Kotonoha after she went delusional and started to work things out with her, only to lie in a pool of his own blood.

    The ending theme is so depressing but it's so good. I love it too.
    Like, I loved it because it showed the good and bad in a realistic real life situation. The bad being him turning out the way he did, the good being that he was truly sorry for his actions at the end. (I would divulge more but I don't know the BB code for collapsing spoiler info). What did you love about it?
    Noooooooo i mostly thought that you couldnt do it cause you seemed to have a lot of other ppl plushies to do and i prob wasnt going to get it anytime soon but apparently youre good at this lol
    OMG no way dude you actually did it!!!!!!!! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou XXXXD
    I haven't seen it, though it looks interesting. I was planning on watching it once I have more time to watch anime.
    Thank you! All credit goes to Ori_bro, though. I just picked out the pictures, he did the rest.
    I can't computer after 11pm these days, because my mom holds the opinion that I should sleep from time to time.
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