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  • I'm going so I'm def looking forward to eating that cookie (;

    my mouth is watering already haha.
    Ahh I'm sure they'd be delicious but I'm trying to keep it healthy lol.

    Thanks though~
    Well... I'm poor. I use my Wii to get on the internet and I have to leech off someone's internet. My laptop is being weird and it won't turn on. And so, Kyon thinks I'm making up excuses about everything. D:

    Aww! I'm sorry... :/ I hate it when pets died. My smallest turtle died about a month ago. D:

    If my pug ever died I would cry for an undetermined amount of time.
    Oh, lol. xD You have fun there? :O

    It was tons of fun. :3 I had to ask people for their controllers to do friendlies, since I went there right after school and I didn't plan on going to in the first place. xD I saw Kyon there, but all I did was john to him about why I couldn't talk to him much... >w>; I also befriended Dark Sonic. xD I saw nothing too intense there... D: Next time I go to a Brawl tourney, I'm gonna make sure I place well. >:3 I shall be known!!! xD
    Oh! xD

    Well I did it 'cause I had so much fun! >w< I haven't been to a tourney since July. D:
    Hello! :D

    Sorry about leaving out of nowhere. School was closing... >w>;

    I also went to the tourney right after school. xD So, I'm happy. :3
    Plus comme ``haet pizza``, if they did I would see them outside during rain-runs, but never. Is that a panther the lower left of icon?
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