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  • Is it weird to nominate a character only to shred her apart?
    If you kept up with newcomer rate thread, you should know which character I've been nominating...
    It's kinda weird that I'm the only one nominating her... not from her supporters. And I'm against her... especially after the recent announcement by CH. I'm waiting to shred her apart in my rating.
    Does anyone think "Japan" argument is bad? Out of 18 million sales, Japan accounts 3.8 million. So how does it make sense that they pander to Japan mostly?
    Language barrier is one thing, and Sakurai seems to he getting over that hump with Banjo and the recent Mii Costumes.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    I think the biggest dumb example of salty fans saying they pander to Japan is when The Hero was announced. Do these people actually, seriously think Dragon Quest is an unimportant series only popular in Japan? It’s literally the first true RPG ever

    And of course it has a lot of Japanese characters, it’s a game made by Japanese people primarily for other Japanese people industry dominated by Japan. So yeah... the argument is bad
    Character selection for this type of game is made through corporate deals rather than fan pandering in most cases. It's about what game series they want to advertise at that time. Not about the number of series reps or the ethnicity of the players. While there might a few cases where they give the players what they want, you'll find more often than not a character getting in coincides with some event going on with their franchise.
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