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  • T.T i finally wanna update pics this month, but everthing is invalid. My pic might not be that great but "oh well". guess i gotta take alternatives lol
    When do you plan on going online? I'm frustrated with WiFi at the moment so if we can get a time to double add each other that would be great...sorry if I deleted ya...I took off a bunch of people and accidently took off some folks that I didn't want to.

    I can be online at 7:00 PM Pacific Time today and up but will only go on for a little bit to add ya. Tell me when you can meet me

    Pic of the day.

    (Sorry, but I can't seem to upload pics normally into my album for some reason.)

    Anyone lucky enough to be reading this post can go to my gallery of pics in which they will find a TON of new pics not found in this site....most which would be here if it wasn't for the snapshot decoder thingy going down.
    i hope youre not as good as that link combo vid linkarmaggedon or watever itz called...im surprised you havent played a good g&w..tot they were everywhere...im working on my cpt falcon and metaknight so ill use them alot...do u have any secondaries i should b wary for.
    im not going to lie to you...i dislike good links all i see is a rain of projectiles and zairs and dash attack cancels and short hop dair....and also you too be warned for toon link is not really my main....hes my favorite character but not my main character :chuckle: ever played a good g&w
    hey man i've seen you on alot of my friends friendlist. would you like to brawl sometime?
    dis is professor mgw(mr. game n watch) talkin, i'm da best there is, i went to da very first brawl tournament at best buy and MURDERED everyone who played at the extra wii booth's!!!
    Hey LinkSpecialist wanna do soem friendlies man? I got friends over too, so we can do some ffa's
    ohhhhh that's what happened.
    see my game is broken and when somebody picks bowser, ganon or ike i get a disc error and i have to turn it off :(

    i need to get out to more tournies but being 16 has its limitations.
    oh well when i watched the dittos. i saw many similarities. you all boomerang alot. and the situations when you use certain moves. idk maybe it was just me.

    wellll... my combos come from prediction, mindgames and knowing the matchup. i won't try to jab cancel to dtilt to something else, if i know the opponent is marth... stupid up b, but i will jab cancel to jab cancel to shield the up b. then grab pummel to grab release dtilt trip and fsmash. lol i just bait, and punihs. baiting is essential when you don't have alot to work with. the main reason sonic, falcon and ganon can even compete. luckilly i play falcon every now and then so i learned how to bait during that time. i don't think any other char can help you polay with link though >_>

    i think you should get out to more tournies. you would place really well.
    i just realized that i never replied to your last message. sorry i fell asleep lol. oh the reason i think that my spacing is so good is because i played melee marth and with marth spacing was like his life. so i'm pretty used to it. ya zair isn't that good of an idea against lucas because he's so small to hit while i'm on the ground. link has such a high learning curve as well. you have to space witth both projectiles and your regular attacks. i watched the legan vs arkive zero dittos and they are both pure ****, but i saw similarities between them and you. i think you'll just keep getting better.

    OH and btw your DI is ridiculous. it was amazing to see you keep living to 170% every stock. >_>
    i'm not that much better offline. i just have more control of my PKT, which makes a big difference in edgeguarding and recovery. oh and i can actually chase opponents offstage. i'm scared to do so online. well if i couldn't space with lucas i would lose easily. that's pretty much all he has, besides edgeguarding. i made it a priority to get my spacing as good as i could, then develop random mindgames so forth and so on.

    thaannkksss. you were a challenging opponent and i learned alot about the link matchup from you. they were right, edgeguarding link with him isn't that easy. >_>

    i think you need more bombs and zair. that would help keep oppoonents on edge plus mindhames.

    BTW my snake is trash lmao.
    ya i gave up after being on for like ever lol.
    plus reo extended the time we have to play, so we should get them done today.
    heeeyyy i'll [try] to be online for the rest of the night, but idk if i'll be able to.
    my game is broken so, idk how long it'll hold up, i've fixed it pretty well though, so i should be fine.
    just catch me online, k?
    i'm online staaaarrrtttiiinnnggggg... now lol.
    lol naaahhhh
    i'd rather have a fair fight, than to win with you not knowing.
    you're pretty good, so i think it's a possibility i could lose.
    So what's the deal between you and Pink Fresh. I see you're having some problems lol
    heeyyyy... i was confused lol.
    we should set a date for the tourney matches.
    were the matches we played supposed to be tourney matches?
    Most annoying aspect? Boomerang> god **** arrows. I can't deal with projectile walling (I won't call it spam since you're better than I am). It shakes me up and I can't make the transition between countercamping and melee groundplay. Which is why I didn't spotdodge enough and god owned by all those Up-b's, which were also annoying as hell because I had nowhere to run. Projectiles pinning me to the edge, twirl to wall me, or I can jump, but then you throw bombs and use uair. Very depressing.
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