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  • Thanks. It's not that I feel forced to come here--I love too, it's such a good community. It seems as though I might be lacking the time to come. Thanks again for all the comments!
    Grrah, I haven't been active lately at all! Four work shifts in a row, preceeded by school, I'm getting burnt out so early. I should be active more next week, though.

    Thanks for all the comments you gave while I was away though. They made me laugh after an irritatng day.
    You flatter me. o^_^o If you want, you can see my BrawlSnapshots acc pics. I have more there. =p
    I'm not sure if you're active right now, this is my first time getting on all day. Busy, busy day.
    *Big long, drawn out dramatic yawn*

    I just got blown away by how awesome Disgaea was, and my feet seem to be falling asleep before I actually get to. 'Night.
    Thanks. I think I might get off soon, it's like 3 A.M. over here! Stupid Youtube and addicting videos don't help either.
    I'm sorry I didn't earlier. I read so many topics, but post in less than half of them. But I'm starting to get more involved with the photographic side of Brawl. Haven't taken that many of Bosses yet, there's potential there. You?
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