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  • Yeah, I know. I'm way too much of an emotional smasher. I'm pretty sure I lost that second match just because I failed to gimp you when it was RIGHT THERE and I spent the remainder of the match yelling at myself about it.... Then it happened again. -.- Anyways, I didn't have the courage to try and gimp you. I think I need to do more offline play. It's way too easy to get gayed online while trying to gimp. In fact, it happened several times anyways. If I had a car I'd ditch online tournament play because it gets so frustrating.
    Take you down like what? Well... now I'm depressed. No matter how **** hard I try, there's always someone who's tried harder. You friggin' destroyed me almost every single time. All my characters are higher tier to boot. Idk.... I think I need to take a break from smash. Guess it's a good thing I'm taking a vacation starting tomorrow.... U_U
    Hmmm... okay. My counterpick is Green Green's (if it's legal. I'll check) Where shall we start? Battlefield okay? Smashville?
    You're not still on are you? Sigh.... I'm gonna be leaving tomorrow. =/ Wish you had told me where you were going and when you'd be back.
    apparently you're 5 hours ahead of me... Alright, well in that case we'll have to do it tomorrow. I'll send you another message.
    Yes. great matches. Loved them.

    Sorry about leaving. Those last 2 matches we had, I just lost the will to fight. I figured I might as well leave rather than to continue to embarrass myself.
    dear lord...

    If you photoshopped that hat onto Link, you sir, are the master of photography O_O
    Sup mah friend. We are playing eachother next round. I'm thinking we should do it on Friday or anytime after that (christmas break ftw.).
    Your DI? Its kinda hard for me to remember exactly actually lol
    All I know is that it was really good, you made link seem like a fast character. It was really tough to hit you and guess where you were going.

    You make Link top tier :p
    lol my spacing? You're spacing and everything in general was amazing. You controlled your boomerang perfectly it seemed, and your always seemed to hit me with everything lol
    lol thanks, you fight so differently from all the other Links I've faced, I didn't even know how to approach you lol
    omg, best link I've ever faced, but you never mentioned any cp's so I'm just going to a random neutral
    Connection troubles or something, I've already been waiting for 20 minutes and this is getting really frustrating
    and what are your cp's?

    If you have none then I'll just randomly choose a neutral stage

    And if it lags alot I'll just quit and we'll do it another day
    k well I'm getting online now. My cps will be the same as before.
    Wait, Rainbow cruise wasn't listed as an option, hold on.........

    Ok my first cp will be Brinstar and my 2nd will be Delfino
    Can you let me know if you get on by messaging me?

    You'd still have to tell me your cp's and stuff
    Oh hi, yeah I'm surprised too, I should get to bed, unless you want to do our match now, I think I can stay up for 20 more minutes =D
    Ok, but I just remembered that it might lag alot, but hopefully it doesn't. Here's my FC: 3995-8553-8766

    1st cp will be Brinstar, 2nd will be Rainbow cruise, and if it lags alot we'll just try tomorrow or something =D
    I'm sorry, but I was busy all day yesterday and I wasn't able to get on the internet. But I can play anytime now, except for Monday and Tuesday lol
    Hey, I'm pretty sure you are my next opponent in ReoZeo's tournament. So just let me know when you're able to play =D
    Linksp ,the first video I'm ike & second video I'm red zelda . I know I not using link but still fun to watch. :D
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