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Recent content by Link24a

  1. Link24a

    How many separate hitboxes on the sword?

    Essentially there's 2-4 Theres 4 bubbles for every hit but some only have two different knockbacks (fsmash) And some have 4 different knockbacks (back air I believe)
  2. Link24a

    The Optimal Marth Rest Punish

    Are there actually people on planet earth that use fsmash as a rest punish as opposed to shield breaker
  3. Link24a

    Vs floaties

    What do Literally feels like the worst matchup in the game Don't really use roy just something that's been bothering me
  4. Link24a

    DED Meteor Off-Stage

    Doing this onstage right at the ledge kinda sorta works if they're on yoshi's story or somewhere that the blast zone is really short reducing the chance of a meteor cancel
  5. Link24a

    Why is Roy worse than Marth?

    Even that's debatable. Marth's can edge guard and poke
  6. Link24a

    Team Secret Picks up SilentWolf

    Silent secret wolf
  7. Link24a

    new-ish 64 controller?

    I've tried the methods of fixing and they didn't really work
  8. Link24a

    new-ish 64 controller?

    Do you mean hori? I'm really just interested in first party though
  9. Link24a

    new-ish 64 controller?

    any recommended ways on how to get one? i have two first party ones and one is pretty loose while the other is in good condition
  10. Link24a

    Roy's best stages are Final Destination or Dream Land?

    FD: by far best, can stay grounded well which is where he's best Yoshi: second best, can kill early and do Dtilt to Dtilt on platforms for a fsmash on fast fallers Battlefield: is battlefield Fod: meh, weird platforms mess him up Dreamland: by far the worst. Like with Marth but 1000x worse
  11. Link24a

    Melee Returns to Dreamhack!

    Wow I never noticed that
  12. Link24a

    Is the Meta wrapped up for Roy?

    Pyro is pretty bad. Like really bad
  13. Link24a

    Question about Marth's dair.

    Weak knockback doesn't cause knockdown
  14. Link24a

    Is the Meta wrapped up for Roy?

    Sethlon doesn't actively practice melee but occasionally enters mnm. He's pretty much only into smash 4 right now. Sethlon pretty much quit melee in 2012/2013 and went to pm. Lunchables has been doing stuff with roy though, making it out of day one at genesis 3 and only losing day 2 to a...
  15. Link24a

    Dash Dancing...

    I don't understand how fox trotting and wavedashing could be in any way easier than dash dancing or how dash dancing is in any way difficult
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