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  • Hey hey I can play tonight if you have the time, I have a window of like 2 - 3 hours tonight. Let me know
    Hi Lee!! [waves] sorry I haven't been up for a brawl much, I've been hounded by challenges and by the time I'm done dueling everyone I'm pretty much Brawled out for the night and about to have a seizure lol. We'll get those Brawls in sometime, probably when the "Attempt to annihilate Meg's Kirby" hype dies down lol. Hope you are well!
    Show me your shoes!!

    Wow I'm bored at work. We should totally try and get some team games going one night. Let me know!
    The race begin tonight at 9 PM EST. If you cannot make it, please let me know. If you are in, reserve your spot by sending a reply. Either Heartz of MAH's room will be open. Thank you (Generic message. Not personalized for anyone.)
    Ok, thats cool, just tell me when you want to play. any rules are usually fine, but i like FD, no items sometimes as well.
    Hey, i saw your post. ill brawl you when ever. Do you use Peach? ive been trying to get good with her, but failing. mabey you could show me a few things :)
    1977-0574-4196. Hey this is MAH's fc. I will be on his MKW account. So don't look for my open room. Look for his, ok? I need yours again ok?
    We are having another race tonight at 8 pm EST. Join my room at that time, ok?
    If you cannot show up, please let me know ok? Be on before hand so that we can get ready. Thanks.
    uuuhh, duh. lol. I am going to make the room in 10 minutes. We will wait 6 mins after that to give people time to join.
    The FN Race begins in 50 mins at 8 pm EST. Be sure to enter my room. If you can't make it, please let me know ok? These are the people who are suppose to be joining:

    Heartz (MOW/SWF)
    Dark Link (MOW)
    DevilWillCry (SWF)
    leechaolan (SWF)
    KrazyZeldaFan (MOW)
    Agent Snop (SWF)
    Cheesey Bro 96 (MOW/HW)
    Naos (MOW/SWF/HW)
    tmrt (SWF)
    TadaFoo (HW)
    Chase (MOW/HW)

    We have room for one more.
    Hey Lee. You are probably watching The Incredible Hulk with your Dad right now, but I was thinking of hosting another MKWii race tonight. I am admin on this Wii site and wanted to get a big race of 12 racers, that way it is more epic. If you are interested, let me know. I will make a list of those who want to enter it. Thanks, Lee
    hey Lee I re added you to my roster cuz it said awaiting registration, let me know
    XD Yeah, I heard about him...I didn't even know he existed until after I chose the name...but c'est la vie...

    And yeah, I may be retired, but I love hangin' out with y'all in the friendly thread ^_^...for some reason, you guys remind me of my real life friends...*shrugs*
    My machinima isn't some joke, it'll be it's own unique story for people to enjoy, not 5000 falcon jokes
    Hey Lee, out of curiosity can I ask you 2 things

    1. I'm putting together a Machinima and could use anything right now, care to help?

    2.I never got a reply if you girls wanted to take on the Gym in our fun little side game, you in?
    What up Lee?...anything new with u?...i hope no one is scaring u around here...the better not at list *smiles*...im soo happy...how about u?...
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