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  • Hi I am adding your FC# for online so if you’d like to brawl please add mine to yours. Thx
    Lawmaker 4
    Brawl FC# 0387-8463-0514
    Wii Code# 5385-9610-7764-0850
    Just cuz idk how to find other ppls FCs besides searching their posts
    mine is 4511-0233-2150. Add me, lets play!
    Hey nice playing with you too, I will be on tomorrow most of the day so I will hopefully see you ok take care, I will probably log in for a battle or 2 right now
    yeah, im getting used to the half second delay too man.
    there is some characters i cant even pick. lol.
    but the more we play the better we get.
    hit me up anytime man.
    i leave my comp on 24/7.


    cya bro
    hey add me man.
    i wanna play ya.
    i already added you
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