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  • Well for Christmas I got a new PC so now I can finally game on my PC. Awaiting the release of a game called Darkfall (Amazing MMORPG).

    And around 6 people on WoR have a 360 now, and honestly I don't think anyone cares anymore about what you did, don't think anyone apart from those who fap over Rey cared anyway, to be so blunt.
    I see you're attending a University, I myself have started going to college myself for the first time.
    I have Rock Band 2 now, I've played it for while, I 100%'d Nine in the Afternoon the first time I had ever seen the note chart, and I can 5 star Give it All on command pretty much on Drums.
    Yeah, My Dad did the same thing, it broke, he took a ruler, snapped it in half, put a piece on each side, and tuck taped the **** out of it.
    Heh, even though I can beat all the songs except for Run to the Hills and Outside (I've only tried Outside once, hate the song) on Expert, We wanna win, so I guess either I'll listen to every song a couple times or get back into guitar.

    God dammit I'm gonna enjoy singing Visions.
    Hey bud.

    So, my parents and grandparents have been trying to get me Rock Band 2 for Xmas, so if you have it for the Wii by then, I'll be looking forward to rocking with ya.

    Problem is, we both play drums, and I don't know some of the songs.
    Hey man.

    I probably won't get Rock Band 2 until Christmas, cuz' AC: City Folk has higher priority.

    So, do you still play Brawl? I probably won't be able to play tomorrow, for I have a tourney match online, but it'd be awesome to play you again on the weekend.
    Yeah its easy, well I'm done for the day, have school. Anyways Have fun tomorrow if you go.
    Nah you don't. You can just make a new name and change the settings for that name on that wii.
    Sounds great, always glad to help.

    haha waitt make it, 2 more weeks, next week is thanksgiving. eesh! XD
    Remember to bring your own controller, and are you planning to go tomorrow? If you do, just say your there for friendlies and planning on getting active in the smash scene.
    Sadly, I won't be coming this thurday due to other plans I have that day. How about next thursday? and haha they don't start at 5. Usually like 6.
    Great, and I forget to tell yah, we have "mini" tournaments every thursday at the playntrade store around 5. If your not busy around then, I would suggest you to go since it would be a great way to meet some people from our smash scene and to get to play with them. *The mini tournaments are really like smashfests, and you don't have to enter the tournament at all, you can just play friendly's if you'd like.
    I know exactly what you mean about the melee scene, since it happened to me as well. Just try to not get discouraged and don't worry, there's a lot of people just starting to pick up melee in utah, so yeah:]

    Oh and fyi, Brawl and Melee, are totally different. You don't need technical skill to do well in brawl, just mindgames sonn!

    Around where do you live? I live in orem, which is a little bit north of provo.
    One thing to know: Everyone who's new sucks. So don't let that stop you because eventually you'll get good. It just takes time.

    But alright I gotcha, and



    Those two links are links to two different tournaments we have in utah, unfortunately they're located in Sandy. *Dates, address and all info is on those pages* If you ever need a ride or want to smash sometime let me know and see if we can work things out!
    o yer sorry about that i was justonline looking to vs people and yer... well take care and hope to vs someday soon...

    take care latter's
    hello there colbusman

    how are you??

    what you been up to??

    having fun??

    doing much??

    can we vs one day??

    well tahe care c ya
    Hey, I don't have Guitar Hero World Tour, but when I get Rock Band 2 for the Wii, I'll be more then happy then start a band with ya'.
    Hey man! Unfortunately your profile pic isn't showing up, so I can't see your wicked tat atm.

    I actually went and got myself a 360, so I have World Tour for that system unfortunately. What do you think of the new game though? Have you worked with the music studio at all? I personally LOVE it.
    I'm probably not going to be able to get on tonight, but maybe this weekend.

    Regardless when I do get on I'll be sure to add you.
    Sorry about not responding. Haven't been able to get on and I got grooooooouuuuuuuunnnnnnnddddddeeedddddd.
    It's funner when you scream it. And hope you had a good b-day.
    Yeah, it never really got off the ground XD.

    I'd be glad to play. My FC is 3609-0692-6554. I'm not on as often as I used to be, but I still get on every now and then.

    Who are you using these days? I'm playing ROB and Wario, with a little Yoshi thrown in.
    In three hours should be possible... I'm able at pretty much any time, really. Except when I'm sleeping, I guess.

    I also just realized I never replied to your question. I did leave WoR. Why did you?
    Just to clarify, by the way, I'm not SURE if it'll work, but my admin built a new firewall just for the Wii and I got online with it, so it SHOULD work.
    It's hard to make an appointment, what with time zones and all. Well. The time this message arrives should be shown next to the message, in your time zone. How about we meet in... two hours?
    Hi, Colby. *hugs*
    I'm sorry for leaving you behind. =<
    ... I MIGHT have been able to fix my Wi-Fi connection, by the way. Maybe you can still be my first opponent.
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