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  • I know the feeling, and don't sweat it so much. Sorry to hear rough times have been getting to you.
    Truthfully, I've had better days. Drifting from place to place, some I like better than here as well.
    You're completely right. I was blinded by servitude to them since my childhood during the N64 years. Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. had me hooked. I even missed out on FF VII and the Sega systems.
    I'm getting an Xbox 360 and Halo 3, ASAP. AND, I'll attempt to sometime get a Playstation 3, as soon as my family wins the lottery! :laugh:
    Antimatter the thing is Nintendo has failed all its fans, the sad truth is not enough fanboys can see this and have dillusions that the Wii is good.
    Grahhh!!! Animal Crossing Wii And Gta Ds!?!??! That's It Nintendo!?!??! Where's The Next Zelda? Mario? Donkey Kong? F-zero? Kid Icarus? Pikmin 3? Star Fox? Punch Out? Golden Sun? Where The F*** Was Metroid Dread? That 1:1 Motion Detector Bullcrap Was Nothing Needed? Who Cares About A Wii Sports 2 Or A Wii Music Game? Wii Speak Broadcasting Everything In The Room As A Microphone Instead Of A Headset? Grahhhh!
    Isn't THAT the truth. At least with this new function, Stryks can post his comics and we can spam as much as we want.
    Sorry, I never could hold a grudge against someone, so from here on out you are no longer my enemy. Have a nice day.
    Didnt know you were a doctor who fan, mad props. But no sex before marriage? Sex represents more than just the want for children.
    Women are the root of all evil.
    Plus, I don't believe until sex until marriage, or sex for anything other than an intended childbirth. I do not want kids. If you see the end of my logic...
    But without matter, there is no life!

    Without life, there are no women!

    Without no women...well, I think you get my point!
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