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  • Sure, I'll come back. Although I'm not the same, sarcastic, self-loathing son of a b**** douche that left you...

    Nah, just kidding. The only thing different is this big a** tattoo on my back. But yeah, I would like to come back and see the place, act as leader again. My free time is limited due to college, but I can work something out.

    Send me the link, since I don't have it anymore.
    So it seems things died out there, huh? Well, that's what I kinda expected...

    But the reason why I left was because, as a whole, I felt like it didn't matter if I posted there or not. In the end, I just felt like this piece of s*** who's purpose was for people to laugh at their misery. That hiatus I took before I left helped me regain myself. What made it worse was people like Ary and Rey who took everything out of context and make me look like the bad guy.

    But...if what I infer from what you posted me, it looks like the best of you guys remain...

    I'll consider coming back, you know, try doing something with you guys again for a week, and if I feel like things have changed, I'll stay.

    If you guys want me back, that is. If you guys do, then I'll need the link again, as I pretty much deleted anything that signified WoR after I left.
    Well cool about the PC. You definetely got more than I did, but that was because I didn't really ask for anything. Ended up getting a foot pedal for Rock Band and drumsticks for Guitar Hero, but that's because the equpiment was faulty and the originals broke right before Christmas.

    But yeah, we'll have to do some PC gaming sometime. Let me know what games you have and we can do something.

    And what exactly are you talking about with WoR? Was it me leaving, or something else? Cause like I said before, I had my reasons for leaving. Um, why did you bring it up though?
    I was offended when you said that my friend and I live in the same trailor park. You should know that we live in two different trailor parks. I believe you owe me an apology.
    Meeeeemories. It's a shame you can't hear my beautiful singing voice online, well it's beautiful so far as you know.
    yeah, I remember that too well. It was one of my first visits to smashboards, lured in by the building brawl hype, even before smashbros.com started the updates.... when it all began. good times, good times.
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