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  • yo Fawriel, S'been awhile. I'm back on teh boards! I hear the ridley thread is civil this time 'round.
    Saw you were reading the thread - pop into the MYM chat if you have some time, it'd be wonderful to speak to you.
    Every time I went to the furry group, I would see your avatar on the front page.

    Every time.

    The same avatar.

    For I think a year.

    And now... it changed!
    Hai Fawriel. :3
    You probably do not know me, but I know you. And I know you're aws00m. Kekekeke.
    Just checking up on you, Faw. *shifty eyes* Catch me on AIM at WocketsAbound sometime, although this weekend I'll be at a wedding.
    Well, I'm ready! I lagged like hell when I fought Rey, but I'm READY. And I did frikkin well against them considering I had one second of lag and they had none! *shakes fist*
    Change in plans. I'm going home early because I'm having serious brain farts about this assignment, and I'll be needing tons of help, but I won't get it until tomorrow. So I'll be on in about a half hour.

    And yes, I did leave. I hate how everyone is acting there, insulting everybody and making people fell like utter s***, and some of the members I can't stand anymore. I left a few weeks ago, and it feels great. Really, it does.
    Ah man, sorry dude, but I got a class right now. But I'll be home for the rest of the night in...3 or 4 hours from now if you can get on then.

    Just message me here if you can. If not, then maybe some weekend, cause I'm busy everyday until the same time with school, and this weekend I'll be SUPER busy, what with my birthday being Friday.

    I'm partying all weekend! Woo!!
    Cool dude. I've been playing Brawl more recently, so tell me when you'll be on next, and we'll try to get a match in.

    Oh, and I forgot. Are you still a part of WoR, or did you quit like me?
    W00t BeanFaw is c00t with his 5 year old style b00ts which make anything else look m00t and make any one who seems them go "sh00t!" all while being ast00t.
    It's not a big deal, really. You're more than welcome to put them in your web comic (with credit, obviously :D).

    Besides, I wouldn't want to put any additional stress on you. Sounds like you've had your hands quite full, and you could use the time off. ^_^
    Well, I'm back on a whim after a pretty hefty break. Started a new job that has had me up to my ears in work.

    I visited the old Make Your Move thread and noticed that it died out. I have to be honest, it made me a bit sad. Whatever, though, it was an incredibly fun experience, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to share a couple of my ideas.

    I'd say hi in the new thread, but I don't think anyone would know who I am, haha.
    lol @ the bomb vest. well thanks for answering. i like to know why some people still stick to characters no matter how crappy they may be and not just run to better characters like that. also i'd like to read that comic when its finished. :)
    That's because it is the realm of love.
    Which I reign over.
    From my dark and foul throne of bones and ****ed souls.

    *spreads huggies* ^_^
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