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  • Yeah, but he is a firm advocate of melee only. He plays a very solid Falcon. He resides in GA.

    I only ask because I remember him mentioning you and your Young Link
    Like, seriously, all of them are pretty much crap. tbh I could probably just fix your controller unless something stupid happened to it. I know how GC controllers work, son.

    The ones meant to be funny are okay with me, but for the most part I agree with you. Love Hina, and Tenchi are pretty good regardless though. ^_^b
    Yea no joke.

    A lot of romance shows always have like 2 characters like dancing around each other and not doing anything. I really get annoyed at those type of series. Like SOMETHING should happen, and when nothing happens in the entire anime I rage :mad:
    Although I do too, I don't remember Toradora that well :(.

    Its been a few months since I've seen it.

    Though I can say I thought iit was a great anime overall =3
    ya lettin me down man ya lettin me down

    loool jkjk either way we need to play @ gamme my falcon is SOOOOOOOO much betta than it used to b
    I was sorta hoping Ami too actually >__<.

    I dunno, but now I wanna re-watch it just to argue. I know Minori isn't literally stupid, i just don't like her lawl.

    Well Taiga and Ryuuji makes a really cute couple. I'm glad that in the end Taiga just depended on him instead of Minori. I don't really hate Minori THAT much but she's really just stupid. She acts like she's ****en mentally ******** for like no reason.

    Then just lets go of everything she wants.
    holy **** man whereve ya been i dont think ive seen u since like mayhem fl gaming or somehing were u just like busy or something?
    Tell me a little bit about the game design program at Full Sail.
    What can I expect out of it?
    That it was. xD ****, I don't think I'll be going there... I'll most likely be going to Megacon next year.
    Yeah, you did... >.> I clearly remember you coming up to me and doing like a hand gesture... I was wearing a green hello kitty beanie hat.
    Hey! I was the guy in the school girl uniform at AFO! And at the rave I tried to dance. xD
    Well thanks for apologizing. I did'nt really mean anything I might have said about your gf either.
    Yo bro, just sayin im sorry for callin you the N word bro.

    Seriously it was ****ed up and I shouldnt have said it.
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