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  • Hey! I saw you playing doubles at Xanadu tonight and was really wondering where you got your Fox shirt. I love it and I want one so bad omg. A falco one would be even better
    do you still run tournaments on fridays? looking for players around fairfax, i live right by woodson.
    All right, cool.

    Would you know what causes Mewtwo's Confusion reflection to work differently from the other reflects? In Debug Mode the projectiles still maintain their hitboxes but just pass through the foe...never understood why.
    Hey, I meant to ask you if you knew if there are any floats that correspond to the landing lag of the Z-airs in Melee?
    Good job standing your ground. Don't let us abuse you like a crutch.
    Remember that one day when you, me, Boss, and Everett played at Boss's house and we both recorded stuff? Can you put you original recording file on a download site and give me the link for it? I want to see a few things for it.
    Whoa really? Awesome.
    My R button likes to stick. Not literally speaking, but whenever I press it and let it go it likes to act like its still being pressed. So random airdodges and dodge rolls happen frequently.
    I need a new controller. My current one crapped out. :(
    Are you willing to sell one?
    Hey. Being that you are a TO, would you happen to have lots of spare gamecube controllers?
    u have to register each separate on paypal, but sumbitting the alias you can do all at once just so i know
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