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  • Whatever man and are you seriously picking up Lucario as a secondary or what cause I was questioning that when I played you on wi-fi a few days ago also why are you using Tyser's name for your wi-fi profile?
    I'd love to see you with a Wolf avatar. <3

    And yeah, rp in the Fox thread. Let's make it happen!
    LOL my bad if i found your FB page I would of posted on there but I rarely use FB so yeah anyway happy birthday.
    Sorry, I got your latest one but I've been swamped with uni work/stress (If I don't pass this assingment I fail the whole course >.<) I'll try and get this sorted out this weekend if I get the chance. Sorry about all this :(
    Oh shoot I forgot I got a new mesnger! hold up Sent you a private message of my new addresses
    I've never played him, but he used to main Wolf, then switched to Diddy. I don't know if he switched back to Wolf though because I heard his Diddy wasn't too great. You could beat him.
    Well I did play during melee days and did have an account; albeit I never actually posted here until Arena51's website went on the verge of death and thus had to move my TO hosting stuff here and then just stayed and got around to everywhere. :P
    Yeah it's been looked into a bit. It's best accomplished by jump-canceling the shine for instant momentum canceling. If you were to go in depth about it though, no one has really tried any of that.
    Hmm, the latest thing I think was auto-canceled aerials on platforms. Right before that SHTL broke out.
    Domo set it up where my Fox would get ****ed over since he banned a decent remaining stage I could go to, let alone tried to bait me to go to Halberd when he had a snake up his trick sleeve, wasn't going to do it, so I took him on RC with my meta to have a better chance. I hope the Fox mains aren't mad I went MK for 1 match. TKD Status? lol
    I love it, but why is my fur brown? xD

    Is it because it wouldn't show up in the picture anyways?
    Well...put a black wolf in there with him, with a katana in a sheath leaning up against the side of the tub he's sitting in. That's my "fursona", if you will. xD. Not sure if his eyes will be open or not, but they're blue.
    OMG that's freaking awesome!!!! I love it!! I don't know if someone else should be there or not. I like it the way it is now, because it's an invitation.....for me. :333333
    No one can control what group you think you fit in but you. There are people that think lowly of furries mainly because there are some misconceptions about it, and it's just something that they don't understand. It's like the older generation and how they feel about gays. :/

    Normally, I wouldn't be so open with being a furry, but if you haven't noticed, SWF is kinda full of them, lol. There's even a furry group you can join if you want to ask questions about it.

    And as for Keto, you'd probably like his style. Draws some beautiful wolves, but he also draws some stuff that is more mature. I won't link to his stuff here, but if you're curious, PM me.
    I love your Foxes, though. :3

    And nah...I've never really taken the time to sit down and draw. I think the times I did were kinda unsuccessful. I just like to browse the art of other furs. I particularly like Keto's work.
    Just ask them. Make an honest post in the Q&A thread on how you feel and that you need some tips. I'm sure somebody would be willing to help you out.

    I would love to help you myself, but I don't main or alt Fox(just play around with him occasionally), so my knowledge of playing him is limited...:/
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