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    Oh my god....sooooo adorable! Was he settled down with a good book before he drifted off?
    Oh! So I'm going to a college called Occidental down in Los Angeles. It's a small liberal arts college where I don't have to choose a major until 2nd semester of my second year, so I got some time :). More importantly, I decided to defer a year, which means I'm accepted into next year's class of 2016. So I essentially have a year to myself to do whatever I can do. I plan on working on my musical talents and finding some work all while applying for some scholarships to pay for everything.

    And of course the whole part of me that loves smash can have some fun too! I'll have a somewhat more liberated schedule for tournaments up here. And I hope you know about Southern California's competitive scene as soon as I get down there :3.

    And thanks so much for asking!!

    I can have the lab look into it. If it's character specific, you should ask your character board lol
    Haha thanks!
    Honestly I have no idea of it's origin ;_; I'm sorry. :(
    I'll let you know if I shall ever find out though :p
    I really like your avi as well, good job! :bee:
    Your new avatar is cuddly. :3
    Steak. Also, about the Fox social, I'm generally more free in the evening.
    I dunno...this weekend is gonna be pretty busy for me. :<

    Did you see my last art suggestion in the Wolf boards?
    No way. Fox's heart belongs to Wolfy. <3
    More Fox and Wolf lovins! :3
    My god, it's sooo cute. Fox looks like he's REALLY enjoying it. <3
    Omg. :3

    Terrorize Iblis with it. xD
    Jeez, does he just have AIM? I'm not a fan of using skype with people I don't know.
    Lower left corner? As in Cincinatti? As in the city where the God Kais formed? Dude, he's got a smash scene there alright! :3
    Hm? Who is he/where is he located?
    That's a nice avatar you have there. It would be a shame if someone were to Starfox all your avatar.
    The hurtboxes on there are actually Smash Ball Aura points, so the PAC will be useless. Unless you wanted it for hitboxes.

    Toomai is making a graphic for hurtboxes for every character though.
    Oh, so you make your avatars and such? I like them as well :bee:

    My bad, I musta missed your link. You are really good, for real. Love the Wolf and Fox drawings
    Congrats on getting that mod status!

    Gonna be able to keep them wily Foxes in line? :p
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